Friday, February 5, 2010

Tea Time in Nashville: The Tea Party Convention

The Tea Party Convention started today and it seems like all the major outlets are covering it.  It is funny that when close to two million Tea Partiers marched on Washington back in September, few news outlets could be bothered, but for this smaller event everyone is there. I guess we can chalk this up to being another Scott Brown benefit.

As we would expect, the mainstream media has to cover the event from their own angles rather than simply report what is there.  It seems most of the mainstream media is focusing in on Tom Tomcredo’s comments about John McCain and his calling Obama voters dumb.  The media also is pushing the whole Palin speaking fee and the ticket price stories.

One interesting thing is that they are actually admitting that there are everyday people in attendance, unlike at the early Tea Parties where the focus was solely on the fringe elements.

For first hand accounts of the Tea Party Convention, check out these two bloggers who are there on the ground.

Don at American Power, while not on the ground, is over this story.


Republican Redefined said...

Thanks for the link here sir. Having a good time down here and looking forward to the big day ahead tomorrow. May have to try to track down Gateway Pundit but I think I have quite a night ahead of me with involving a country bar, bud light, jack daniels, and a bright red "I Love Red State Girls" T-shirt someone gave me earlier. Thanks again.

T Christopher (Republican Redefined)

Teresa said...

Republican Redefined,
Please, save some of those alcoholic beverages for me, LOL!

I wish that the news agencies covered us at the massive 9/12March in September. It looks like they're starting to realize that the Tea Party movement is big stuff and that they better pay attention to this important movement.

Republican Redefined said...

We sure will Teresa if you come on down... but you better hurry. Its a slow night... We need the numbers down here so book your ticket.

I'd love to report to you that there are thousands of people here but that's just not the case. The spin around here is that the convention is full of delegates from each of the conventions and even the sales pitch catered itself to that message weeks ago, but I have to tell you that its just not the case. And frankly, its the first time I have been angered/enraged by Fox News and their coverage of an event. I just heard Greta call it a "packed house." This place could accommodate both parties' national conventions and still have room for a Southern Baptist convention on the side. Packed house is laughable. I wish it were true, but its just not here. I am a Tennesseean and a Nashvillian through and through even though I don't live here anymore. But I can't lie and say that this thing is Tea Party movin - it is Tea Party reversin at best. The local news media, which I spent my day with had not the slightest clue what the movement was about or why they were shut out from covering the event. Tomorrow's Palin appearance may save the day, but if it is a 300 person bump, I intend to call it that - not a packed house in a place that could comfortably fit half of Nashville.

Soloman said...

I posted about a Rachel Maddow clip from Friday's show in which she claimed all in attendance were in white hoods, and Maddow blatantly disregarded the fact that Palin will return any compensation back to the organization in some way.

Republican Redefined said...

No white hoods for me Soloman - proud to report that I am yet to see one, but I will keep my eyes pealed.

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