Thursday, April 30, 2009

About those fluorescent puppies.

During my web travels today, I read this story about South Korean scientists that created transgenic puppies that glow under ultra violet light (yes, you read that correctly). Once over the weirdness of it all I had a few questions buzzing in my head.

  1. Who is keep an eye on these scientist to make sure they don't start making animal/ human hybrids?

  2. Does crossing genes of different species raise the possibility of creating new diseases that can be transmitted across a variety of species? If so who is keeping a watchful eye on that?

  3. What safeguards are in place should any of these experiments go terribly awry?

By the way, I own two beagles (pictured below) and considering how they love to lay about in the middle of the kitchen floor at night, it would be handy if they could glow when I came down for my late night snack. :-D


~Leslie said...

Ok, granted, you have a point about it being helpful to see your (very cute) dogs at night so you don't step on them...

But, I have asked these same questions and often wonder what else these scientists are playing around with...

Clifton B said...


There are a lot of questions I have about some of the things scientists are doing. I guess I would feel better if I knew more of them had the morality that comes with a religious belief. Sadly so many scientists today, seem to take an adversarial approach to religion, when in fact they can work hand in hand.

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