Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UPDATED: They're just so 9/10

Obama and his flying monkeys (pun intended) did not think before they did an Air Force One NYC flyby. For anyone who 9/11 made an impact, the idea would have set off bells and whistles the second it was suggested. Not these guys.

For them it is still 9/10/2001. They ignore the true dangers of nuclear proliferation thinking that M.A.D will still work, thus no need for bolstering anti missile defense. They worry not about a small band of foreign invaders wreaking major havoc on cities and thus feel free to use DHS to attack their domestic political enemies. They still buy into the wrong headed notion that appeasing our enemies will buy us good will, completely ignoring the fact that 9/11 showed the world that you can strike the American Homeland.

Sadly for many on the left, nothing has changed since 9/11.

UPDATED 4/28/2009
It now turns out that there is a FAA memo that indicates the Feds, knew the flight would cause panic and did it anyway. They even went as far as to demand that NYPD and the Mayor's Office not mention it to the public. Talk about arrogance!


Ron B said...

They were probably flying on their way to Oz to pick up a brain.

A low flying airplane over NYC is not something to try without expecting some sort of reaction.

Ron B said...

BTW photo shop would have been less expensive on fuel and "carbon footprint" to accomplish the end result of souvenir photo of AF1 flying by the statue of liberty. What bafoons? Too bad he can't blame this on W. Oh wait yes he can he can say if W had done this photo op then his administration would need to do it. Oh well.

49er16 said...

Leave it to the Obama stooges to come up with an idiotic idea like this.

Devrim said...

Ron B

They were probably flying on their way to Oz to pick up a brain. You owe me a new keyboard and a cup of coffee !!!!

Clifton B said...

Ron B:

Latest story out on Drudge, they knew it would cause a stir and did it anyway. Plus wasted over $300k too boot. Arrogance strikes again!

Clifton B said...


What would you expect from a group that got elected with smoke and mirrors.

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