Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ok, this is getting scary. Geithner On Ousting CEOs, Reviving Economy.

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After watching Turbo Tax Timmy I got the distinct feeling I was being lied to. Did you? Maybe it is the way he tilts his head like he is looking over eye glasses that are not there. Maybe it is the way he did not answer the question about his mistakes. Maybe it was the way he rattled off a lot of meaningless bullshit that sounds good but really means nothing (like Hope & Change). Which ever way you want to slice it, he is lying!

Let us not forget this is a man who admitted he got tripped up by Turbo Tax ,a program designed to be idiot proof, yet he gets to run the Treasury during a "crisis". This is also a man who clearly cheated on his taxes too, and only came clean to get the job. To me, this makes him either an incompetent or a liar, either way, why are we considering giving this man more power?

I don't know about all of you, but there is something terribly wrong with government inserting itself into the private sector. Forcing CEO's to resign, setting salaries for everyone, guaranteeing warranties, it is just to much. Have we forgotten these are politicians? Politics are their forte. What is to stop them from shaking down companies that don't donate to their campaigns? What is to stop them from dictating what products companies should make because they want to set an agenda? Where is their experience in any of these matters? The last time I checked no elected official had any experience in building cars, yet here they are pulling the strings of GM and Chrysler! Will non government companies be allowed to compete or beat government run ones and if they beat them will they pay a political price?

These are some serious questions that no one seems to be asking. The Fourth Estate (now the Lame Steam Media) should be doing this. Unfortunately, they sold their souls to the devil to elect the president they wanted. Should he fail, then their credibility would fail as well. Don't expect any help from them.

It is time We The People take matters into our own hands. Me must exert constant pressure and tell them to STOP! Stop spending our money, stop driving us into generational debt, stop expanding their powers, stop controlling our lives. They are suppose to answer to us not the other way around.

Find a local Tea Party, attend, make your voices heard. Send tea bag or tea bag strings to your Congressmen and women. Let them know you do not like the direction the nation is going and that they must heed our words.

I leave you with the words of "Thomas Paine" (rather his modern day incarnation). Listen and be motivated.

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Anonymous said...

All this is part of the plan, take from the ones that are successful, and distribute the wealth. This gives a new meaning to 'successful businessmen'

I like your site, going to read more postings, adding you to my blogroll.

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