Thursday, April 23, 2009

PC Thought Control

By now you have all heard about the Perez Hilton / Carrie Prejean dust up. While none of us should be surprised that Hilton got on his blog and launched an ugly screed against the lovely Miss Prejean (conservatives are all too familiar with the intolerance from the party of tolerance), we should be surprised by what Perez Hilton told Larry King on CNN:

“Yes. I do expect Miss USA to be politically correct”.

Wow! That is one stunning admission. In other words, people are no longer allowed to give their honest opinions when asked for. Instead, they must spew politically correct bullshit so that the delicate sensibilities of people (read: agenda pushers) like Perez Hilton are not offended. Well, if that is the case, Perez Hilton can file himself under: Fascist, Fascist, Fascist!

Carrie Prejean was well within her rights to answer that question as she damn well pleased. Perez Hilton also was well within his rights to get on his blog and voice his displeasure with her answer (good taste aside). However, for Perez Hilton to suggest that Carrie Prejean (or any of us for that matter) must parrot some politically correct answers in order to appease people following a certain agenda, is nothing more than thought control. When this type of behavior is promoted we need to call out such promoters for exactly what they are …FASCISTS!

So, Carrie Prejean, you go right ahead and speak your mind as you see fit!

This is America!


Ron B said...

It is only because of the left and the celebrity worship in this country that Perez Hilton even has a platform to speak. He is a celebrity gossip idiot. If Americans would start worrying about America not what Brad, Angelina, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and others are doing we would not have this kind of nonsense going on.

I am not a big watcher of these kind of shows. But my understanding is that it is not your answer but how you respond to the question is how you get judged.

Hilton indicated on MSNBC that this young lady probably lost the title because of her answer. He even went so far as to say that she should be representative of America thought. Well Fat Boy, she is. Your question said it all. Only four states even allow same sex marriages. What an idiot? I rest my fingers now!

Ron B said...

I just went to this fools website and he has the nerve to have a picture of this contestant during the interview with a drawn "penis" microphone in front of her. Only God can help this nut now.

Clifton B said...

Hey Ron B;

Yeah, that boy is an agenda pusher of the first order. Even though Miss Prejean was from California where they again shot down gay marriage, he still asked the question. Did it ever dawn on him that the odds of her supporting his agenda was not in his favor?

The "penis" microphone is not surprising. When I went over there I noticed that he published the name, address and phone number of someone who left a nasty comment. Can you imagine what would happen to you or I if we did that to some troll who left a comment nasty comment on our blogs?

Mary M. Baker said...

Hey Clifton,

I am not surprised at the attitude of this person. They gays has always lied and twisted things to look like they were always the ones being mistreated. Now the world gets to see who the really bigots are. I can not believe he was so blatant. At least this event will help wake people up to the fact that the left and the covering of homosexuals have hijacked our morals and our freedoms. I wish they would go back in the closet.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is utterly disgraceful. The first rule they teach you in law school is don't ask a question you don't already know the answer to. I guess they thought all those Californians that shot down gay marriage was some kind of fluke! Sorry baby we are real. It is good to see so many other Black conservatives speaking out. I added your blog to my blog roll on A Black Conservative Digest.
or you can do the long address:

See you around the blogosphere and keep revealing the truth! We got more to lose than they do!

Ron B said...

Unfortunately the closet door is broken.
This guy knew the answer. He thought that by asking the question regardless of the answer he could create a firestorm and publicity for himself. Like some marketers know any publicity is good publicity.

JMK said...

Perez Hilton is a poster child for Liberal fascism.

He's a lowlife, who asked a sandbagging question to advance his own personal agenda, one rejected by appx 2/3 of the American people.

People like Perez Hilton increase the amount of antipathy against gays and that's unfortunate because he may not be representative of gays overall...but he's got the spotlight and he's currently "representing" them.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Disgusting individual, Mr Hilton (not even his real name). I haven't even blogged on this story but I did a little research on this guy and he is quite pathetic - I feel sorry for him.

Clifton B said...

Conser Like No Other:
You are correct that the left has drummed the victim idea into the gay community, even though statistics show that they have a much higher standard of living than the average American. As a result, you see these type of over the top acts. Have you heard of the Prop 8 maps?

Clifton B said...

Hello blacknright!

I share the same pleasure meeting other black conservatives who are "out" and about in the blogosphere.

If you carefully watch the video when Prejean gives her answer, you can see Hilton's distaste for her answer show. Clearly he was expecting she would plug his agenda in a national forum. Not!

Clifton B said...


You are correct, Hilton's actions actually works against homosexuals. Just like the left complains about Christians "shoving their religion down our throats", many Americans don't like the gay agenda shoved at them either.

There are left leaning homosexuals who do not share his views. Check out the guys blogging at

Clifton B said...

Left Coast Rebel:

Hey welcome to my blog. Hilton is a piece of work. Just a simple trip to his blog and you will see what I mean. He actually published the name, address and phone number of someone who left a negative comment on one of his post.

Seane-Anna said...

Stalinist might be a better word for Perez Hilton than fascist. The Left murdered more people in order to enforce thought control than the Right ever did.

Nomad said...

Perez Hilton makes a living off of destroying other people. He's a social parasite. For him, maligning Miss California is simply business as usual.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

And herein is the problem with too many homosexuals today. It's no longer about liberty, and the ability to simply be who they are. No, no. Today, for many, it's all about the movement. And goodness knows it's just wrong to malign the movement.

Anyway, good for Carrie Prejean for providing an honest answer to a rigged question.

Clifton B said...


Actually all of those totalitarian regimes fit the leftists' pattern.

Clifton B said...


You are correct in your definition of Hilton. But it is his expecting people to cowtow to PC thought that makes him a fascist too.

Clifton B said...

El Cerdo:

How right you are about the movement. It is that way with all of the leftwing victim groups (women's rights, abortion, minorities, etc).

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