Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009: Get Your Tea On!

Today is tax day. Today is last day to fire up the Turbo Tax and submit your forms to the IRS. No doubt you will be feeling the usually anxiety, the usual disgust and this year the unusual irony that the IRS is now in the hands of a Tax Cheat!

Before sealing those envelopes and mailing them out, take a long hard look at those forms. Do you see what you are forking over to Uncle Sam this year? Ask yourself, what could you do with a good portion of that money? Would you pay off a credit card or cut the balance in half? Would you add it to your bank account as a safety net as the job market continues to sour? Perhaps, there are some home repairs that you just have to put off until whenever. Maybe you could take that vacation you could not afford last summer. Whatever, your want or need would be, know this… it ain’t gonna happen!

Instead, that money is now destined to pay for the $20 billion we threw away on the auto industry that is now going to bankruptcy anyway. That money is now going to pay for the $100 billion AIG paid to foreign banks! That money is now going to pay for the $210 million in bonuses at Fannie and Freddie, despite the fact they are part of ground zero of our economy’s woes. Your dreams of a summer vacation is up in smokes because $1.7 million is urgently needed to find out why pigs stink in Iowa!

If you are offended by the waste of your hard earned money, be you Democrat, Republican or Independent, then do something about it! Attend a tea party today! Can’t make one because of work? Fine, rip the string and tag off a tea bag and include it with your tax return! Let Washington know that you, your children and your children’s children are not cash cows! You work hard for your dreams and your children’s futures. You do not drag yourself out of bed everyday to slave away paying for failed businesses, incompetent borrowers, lazy freeloaders or cornball pork projects!

Let Washington know in no uncertain terms STOP THE TAXING AND STOP THE SPENDING!

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