Friday, April 10, 2009

Congressional Black Caucus: Useful Idiots

As a conservative, I find little to agree with when it comes to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). As a black conservative, I find them mostly despicable! What could be a significant and important caucus in congress, is nothing more than the official race card dealers of the DNC! Just when I thought my opinion of them could not sink any lower, they stunned me by donning the cloak of Communist Shills!

Just as Lennin described his Useful Idiots, seven members of the CBC went down to Cuba to meet with Castro, they swallowed every last drop of his communist propaganda, then promptly came back to the US and barfed it across the airwaves!
Of course no trip by the CBC would not be complete without a least one race card being dealt. True to form, they did not disappoint.
Of course they denied it, but you know and I know, we have heard that tired old song and dance over here from the CBC way too many times.
What I find particularly galling is that the CBC is forever talking about perceived oppressions in America but when faced with the real thing in Cuba, the didn't see nada! Myriam Marquez from the Miami Herald, calls these seven jokers out perfectly! Marquez, labels these CBC members The Clueless Seven, and points out their blind eyes effectively.
Why was the CBC members so blind? Because they are not married to principle, rather they are married to the liberal agenda and in this case the agenda calls for smoothing the road to lift the embargo. Don't ever let me catch one of these seven calling anyone an Uncle Tom!


Ron B said...

Great observations and diatribe. These so-called elected officials do not represent Cuba in congress so why are they pandering to the murderous leader of that country. Opening up trade with this dictator will only give him funds to procure weapons and promote terrorism.

This is an example once again of Black Folk who do not think for themselves and believe anything that is told to them. Examples include: support for Bill Clinton when he did not have 'sexual relations with that woman'and Al Sharpton and his unwavering support and race rousing for Tawanna Brawley and her lies about being assaulted by white police officers. Now Castro tells them that he wants to help the Big "O". What have we come to?

Clifton B said...

Hey Ron B;

Yes these black folks are no different from those so called Womens Rights group that close their eyes to all kinds of abuses in order to follow liberal dogma!

JMK said...

Well, they ARE Liberals/Leftists after all, and they're not the ONLY Americans who've supported socialist thugs like Castro, Chavez and Mugabe.

It IS sad, but they're hardly alone.

Clifton B said...


I am reminded of the old saying "birds of the same feather flock together".

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