Monday, April 27, 2009

Meghan McCain: That Twit On Twitter.

Ok Meghan McCain, it is time someone gave you a little bit of advice. Since you are convinced that you have all the answers for rebuilding the Republican Party, you might want to start cultivating a more serious image… like now! Really girl, your tweets on Twitter have got to be the most vacuous bullshit I ever read. You sound like a twit on Twitter! I know you say that this is your personal junk, but come on!

If you want to stand toe to toe against serious, educated, conservative women like Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter, you are going to have to sound like you do not have an echo chamber inside that little blonde head of yours.

For example, you tweeted today about Emimen and how cool he looks in his new video (Lord, is this video retarded).

[I used to have the hugest crush on Eminem when I was in high school and he still looks hot in his new music video]

That is sweet in a high school kind of way. However, serious women will eat your lunch for completely missing the blatant misogyny against Governor Palin in that video! You do realize that marginalizing Governor Palin also marginalizes the Republican Party, the very same party you still claim to be a member of and want to “progress“.

Also speaking of the Republican Party, your little piece in the Daily Beast about being creeped out over Karl Rove following your tweets. Get over yourself! He is probably following you to get a good laugh. Yeah girl, the folks are laughing at you. Yes they are! Why? Simple, you say you have all this thought provoking stuff to share with the Republican Party then you tweet BS like this:

[@allahpundit J Me too, I can talk politics all day and all night but sometimes a girl has to spread the word about a great mascara too J]

Somehow I don’t see Laura or Ann doing this right after a discussion about the consequences of the Obama Administration releasing those CIA memos.

Also, while we are at it, if you want to get taken seriously in politics, especially Republican politics, you might want to start writing a few more critical pieces about the Democrats. A search of both your blogs only revealed one!

I know that at Columbia University (John, Cindy, I smell a refund) leftwing ideology rules and the indoctrination is heavy duty, but for crying out loud your last name gives you access to some of the best Republican minds and all you can come up with is stale old leftwing talking points against Republicans?

So Meghan, in conclusion, if you do not want conservatives to place you on the ignore list like Brooks, Frum and Parker, you need to close that Twitter account like yesterday! Then distance yourself from the keyboard and give yourself time to THINK. Use that last name of yours to speak with some really smart people on both sides of the isle. Then and only then will Conservatives and Republicans take time to consider what you have to say, instead of saying “hey, did you hear what that twit Meghan McCain said on Twitter today”?


Ron B said...

Not only a twit but a dimwit. She was on the view with the "I need to get along with Whoopie and others mentality." This child is no more a conservative than her father. She is an apologist.

Clifton B said...

Ron B:

The thing that gets me is that such an obvious dumb bunny, wants Republicans to actually listen to her, despite the fact that her "change the party" sthick is as old as the hills.

Mary M. Baker said...

Haha, like father like daughter, her dad wanted us to listen to him too, you see where that got us.

Ron B said...

John McCain, "The Get-A-Long Kid" and his offspring. I know she's and adult but he needs to reign her in.

Where are the real men that have real gonads to stand up and say it like it is? Bring on someone like John Wayne and lets get "Annie Oakley" off of twitter and tv. No offense to the ladies out there but I think that you want you man to be a man not a wishy-washy metrosexual. Women deserve their seat at the table too but men have to stop being emasculated in the process.

Clifton B said...


The absolute last think the Republican party should ever do is follow the advice of a McCain (except for this one

Clifton B said...

Ron B:

Yes he should reign her in, if only for the reason to save their family name from becoming a laughingstock.

Re: wishy washy metrosexuals. The RNC has been awashed with these things for too long. They are the ones who try to put conservative spins on liberal ideas rather than offering true conservative ideas instead. Sadly, the butchest Republican I can think of now is a 5'7" woman in Alaska!

Digital Publius said...

Clifton, Vacuous was the perfect word!

49er16 said...

She's a McCain. This is what I would expect out of her.

Great post as usual.

Clifton B said...


Thanks it was the first word that came to my mind when I read her first tweet!

Clifton B said...



JMK said...

As Ron B and CLN said, "Like father, like daughter"....John McCain IS an embarassment to the GOP, at least as MUCH, if not more so than Arlen Specter.

And Meghan is enamored of her most kids.

With the Gingrich-wing of the GOP getting stronger within that Party, I could easilly see McCain, and some other "Moderates/RINOs" bolting the Party, as well.

Meghan is "just like her Dad", except she's a little younger, a little better looking, although she's even dumber and more naive in her viewpoints.

a "crush" on Eminem???

Say no more.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow LOL, you nailed her Clifford and it had to be done. Now will she get a clue, we can only hope :)

Clifton B said...


Sadly I don't see Meghan getting a clue soon. She strikes me as the type that needs a ton of bricks to fall on her head in order to get a clue.

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