Thursday, April 30, 2009

So, the lying tax cheat Sebelius gets confirmed.

Lying tax cheat Kathleen Sebelius got confirmed yesterday. Once again "crisis" was the reason to hurry up and confirm an undeserving and questionably qualified person to a cabinet position. The vote was 65-31 with nine Republicans voting "Yes".

Here is what I don't understand about the nine Republican votes. Since the election the left has been tagging Republicans as the Party of No. This has been said over and over again regardless of what the Republicans actually do. If Republicans are going to get this label no matter what they do, why not just say NO when it really counts?

If I were a Republican Senator I would have issued my statement of no how, no way, the second Sebelius lied about her involvement with Tiller the Baby Killer. I would have said Mr. President, start looking for another nominee for DHHS. Governor Sebelius has proven herself to be untrustworthy of the position. Since you have repeatedly promised the American people both transparency and high ethical standards in your administration, I would like to help you keep your word by not appointing yet another tax cheat to your administration.

Harsh words? You betcha, but they are also very true and are Obama's own standards. Plus considering the press would crucify you no matter what excuse you used to say no, you might as well go for the jugular.

Instead of such bold action, we get wishy washy Republicans who vote Yes in order to go along and get along. That mentality achieves nothing for those wishy washy Republicans other than the scorn from their base.

Here are the nine Republicans who voted for Sebelius with a few notes of my own.

Snow (R ME)
Collins (R ME)
Specter (R PA)
Lugar (R IN)
This is the usual gang of party poopers. Specter says we need more of these types. For what? To further undermine the conservative message, no thanks.

Gregg (R NH)
When this guy jumped ship from the Obama administration, some Republicans were singing his praises. I did not. Gregg never struck me as reliable or principled.

Brownback (R KS)
For someone who wants to be big in the Pro Life movement, this vote was unforgivable!
Bond (R MO)
Roberts (R KS)
Voinovich (R KS)

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