Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meet Tax Cheat #6 - Kathleen Sebelius

Today we add another member to the long parade of tax cheats in the Obama Administration, Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius. At this rate we will need a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet just to keep track of them all!

Ms. Sebelius, "claimed" to have "discovered errors" in her 2005-2007 tax returns (how timely). Her hired accountant found almost $8,000 in taxes and interest. Ever so conveniently, Obama and his staff were not available to comment on good old #6.

Just a few short months ago, then Governor Sebelius was battling state Republicans to get them to open up the Kansas purse strings. She was holding up state tax refunds in the process, imagine that? I guess since she already took hers, why be bothered with the little people Democrats are always "fighting for".

Two things really get my goat about the tax cheats. First, several years ago, I fell behind on my own taxes. The IRS beat me like a rented mule for far less money than any of these crooks owe. Second, that sneering video of Joe "Plugs" Biden blathering on about how it is now patriotic to pay taxes. Who the hell was he talking about I wonder?

Below is the growing list of people, according to Joe Biden, should be considered as not "patriotic", not "jumping in", not "part of the deal" and "not helping to get America out of the rut".
  1. Nancy Killefer Cheif Performance Officer Nominee - $1,000 + a year and a half of unpaid unemployment taxes for household staff.
  2. Hilda Solis Labor Secretary Nominee - $11,000 on husband's business.


Ron B said...

I know all to well about the IRS and being "beaten like a mule" as I go through my battles with them right now. I acknowledged that I owe the IRS but these guys willfully mislead and cheated on their taxes.

How is it that she has undocumented business expenses? If they are undocumented then how did she manage to claim them in the first place. Secondly, if you cannot find a document from the charity that you gave a donation then just ask them to give you another document. Makes you go hmmmmm!

Clifton B said...

I totally agree Ron B. What I would love to know is how do they get away with such big sums? I owed less than a grand and I got the IRS version of the wrath of God. Yet here goes these guy with tens of thousands and nada happens to them.

BTW, I should have added in my post the link for turning in tax cheats. You can actually make money doing it. Know any Democrats you are not too fond of? {evil grin}

The Pondering Catholic said...

I have said this before, paying taxes is optional if you are a dem. It is written on the back of your card after you become one. It is a perk. Needless to say, by admission of "The Hair Plug Man", this would mean they are not very patriotic! But then, we knew that already didn't we!

Clifton B said...

Perfect comment Pondering Catholic!
BTW, like your blog, will start following.

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