Thursday, April 9, 2009

Levi Johnston: Useful Idiot.

There was a time in American high schools when they actually taught history. Had Levi Johnston been in school then, he would have learned the meaning of the term “Useful Idiot”. The term comes from Soviet Marxist Valdimir Lennin. He used it to describe Westerners who would do the Soviets bidding by singing the praises of communism at home while being completely blind to the Soviets true agenda. Nothing could describe Levi Johnston better.

As young Levi, makes the tabloid TV circuit bashing the Palin family, seeking quick bucks and his 15 minutes of fame, he is completely blind to the fact that he is being used to further the left’s assault against Governor Palin. Goaded on by leftwing operatives and a sleazy family, Levi goes on to tell the world he wants to be a model. Too bad his goal is not something more lasting and noble like being a model dad to his son.

On the Tyra Banks show, poor Levi lamented that Bristol won’t let him take the baby anywhere (boo hoo) and that his relationship to the Palin family went south after the election. Could it be that the Palins realize that the Johnston family is no place for young children? (By the way, notice the timing of Mommy Johnston’s arrest? Perhaps this is why things have gone south between the Johnstons and the Palins after the election).

But Levi, ever the gentleman, went on to tell about staying in the Palin home with Bristol in such a way that the left now believes that Palin was condoning teen sex in her home. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything the Palins were trying to break up Bristol and Levi very early on.

The March 30th People Magazine article on Gov. Palin contained this revealing paragraph:

Tom Whitstine Jr., a longtime co-worker of Todd's, believes the Palins have also opposed the Bristol-Levi romance, at least in the past. Last year her parents sent her to Anchorage to do her junior year of high school and live with Sarah's sister Heather Bruce. "Basically, they were trying to limit her contact with Levi, trying to be good parents," says Whitstine. "The method didn't work out. Now he's part of Tripp's family forever."

I don’t think the Johnston family TV circus is going to last much longer. On the CBS’s “The Early Show”, while Levi and his creepy sister Mercedes, were trying to defend themselves against the charge that they are not “White Trash“, Mercedes Johnston pretty much ended the Johnston’s family’s usefulness to the left by telling the world the Johnston’s agenda. Here is the money quote from Mercedes:

I mean, look what they're doing. They're lying, trying to save themselves when they're the ones that asked for it. They brought him to the campaign. They should have known what was coming. They can't turn around and try and take it back now.

What should the Palins have known, Mercedes? That there would be a Johnston family shakedown for dollars? That your family all are attention whores? That you all had a plot to capitalize on Levi and Bristol’s relationship from the get go? Whatever the answer is, that little quote will be used to dismiss almost anything the Johnston clan have said or will continue to say and that dear Johnstons make you useless to the left.

Clearly, Mr. Johnston doesn’t realize the long term damage he is doing with his relationship with his son. He is also blind to the fact that many Alaskans (and Lower 48ers) love the Governor and will treat him and his family like a pariahs. The Left will soon cut the Johnstons adrift and they will be left to deal with these lasting issues all by themselves.


Heather said...

I can't stand this idiot. I wish he'd get his "15 minutes of fame" overwith and just go away.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnston's latest attempt at fame in a music video / using his ex-fiancee to grab more attention has made it clear that he must be related to Spencer Pratt - both are disgusting morons and they should have had a placecard at the dinner table in "Dinner with Shmucks"

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