Saturday, April 25, 2009

For the love of God Henrietta Hughes, will you save yourself?

If ever there was an example of what is wrong with the social welfare system in America today, it is Henrietta Hughes. You may remember her tearful pleas to the great Messiah Obama for her own kitchen and bathroom.

Well, it turns out poor helpless and hapless Henrietta is still waiting to be saved. Despite receiving a free house from a Republican no less (oh, those evil racist Republicans), Ms. Hughes is still working the system for a better life, rather than figuring out a way to change her circumstances on her own.

If you remember, Henrietta Hughes has a young and able body son, who together had some funny business going on with the sale of their homes. Despite significant money made there, Henrietta and her son cried broke and were living in her car. Today Henrietta and her son are taking computer courses and are claiming that the jobs are not there.

Sorry, but I call BS on these two. Are you telling me that with all the media attention Henrietta received back in Feb, she and her son could not hook up two minimum wage jobs until they could do better? What employer would not want the publicity of giving Ms. Hughes or her son a job? Heck, there was enough pity out there to land them a free house!

I looked up the minimum wage in Florida and it is $7.21 per hour. If both Henrietta and her son worked 40 hour each a week, they would bring home $288.40 each before taxes. Now lets say Uncle Sam was extra cruel and took $58.40 a week, each in taxes, Henrietta and her son would have about $460.00 a week combined or $1,840.00 a month combined.

If you look closely at the video above at the 2:00 mark, you will see Henrietta claims these expenses:
  • $87.00 Tithes (notice this isn't highlighted in the video)
  • $112.35 Storage
  • $60.28 Car Insurance
  • $50.00 Cash Loan
  • $45.00 Visa
  • $150.00 Gas

$504.63 Total

First of all, why is a woman that is living hand to mouth, giving away $87.00 an month in tithes? I am certain whatever church she belongs to would understand her dropping that figure to something a lot more reasonable, if not all together. Second, since Ms Hughes is living rent free in a large home, why is she still wasting $112.35 on storage? Ditching these two items, Ms. Hughes has about $300.00 in monthly overhead. Thus, leaving her and her son with $1,540.00 a month.

A quick Google search of rental property in Fort Myers Florida found some really hot finds. Check out this priced at $499-$935 a month (Damn if you can find anything this nice in NYC).

Now, I know this would be tight as far as budgets go, but come on, it is better than begging on national TV.

The problem with the Henrietta Hughes' of the world is that they feel if they work, they must have this awesome middle class life style with all the bells and whistles. Otherwise, why get off the dole? The truth is those of us who work for a living have to make do in all kinds of situations. I myself worked 3 part time jobs at one point in order to pay for college. However difficult it is, working is far better than getting jerked around by the government with all its red tape, rules and regulations.

So Henrietta, if you want a better life, stop the whining and the waiting! Instead get up off your ass and save yourself!

BTW: Did you know there is a Imagine that!


JMK said...

Sadly Hennrietta is NOT alone.

All across the country are people living off the dole who COULD do a lot better, but they'd have to give up their drug and alcohol problems and a lot of free time and actually WORK.

Year ago, ABC's 20/20 did a show on Welfare Fraud and they highlighted a guy living in a trailer in W VA. He had ten kids packed into that small trailer and he received more money the more kids he had with him.

The reporter asked the guy what he planned on doing when he got too old to have kids, and the dope responded, "You're never too old."

That's the mentailty - "Work is "wage slavery" and that's for suckers."

You see it lionized in the obnoxious "Octo-Mom", but the SAME corrosive attitude exists in far too many people today.

Ron B said...

Henrietta has had her 15 minutes of fame all brought to you by the Obama media system. The problem is that she honestly believed that he would be her messiah and deliver her but she now sees that part of what happens to you is up to your own doing.

She got a free place to live now it sounds like she is ready to start complaining that because it is up for sale that it won't be fair to her when it sells. The owner needs use of that home for her own profit motives. She allowed Henrietta to live there until it is sold.

Life often gives us bad breaks but expecting the government to provide for you from cradle to grave is asinine.

But I guess she is so caught up in the liberal mentality of self pity.

Clifton B said...


I remember when welfare reform came to NY. Initially, there were more people spending their time looking for a new program rather than a job.

Sadly the kick back and take care of me mentality is too ingrained in too many people.

Clifton B said...

Ron B:

Oh, yeah, Henrietta has that whole victim thing going on. As I stated in the block, I don't believe for a second that she was not getting job offers after her media exposure. Heck for the publicity alone, some employers would have hired her regardless of her experience or lack thereof.

Left Coast Rebel said...

You've done some great work here on this piece, if only the MSM were so thorough. You've opended up my eyes (though I'm not surprised) on the Henrietta Hughes story. It seems phot-ops with the Obamanation are not truth-senstive.

Anonymous said...

this system has destroyed many, our mentality is, if its free take it, if you have to work for it, avoid it. when you get caught up in 4 years of this you cant get out. her approach to Obama was like you said a media opt. Obama had to be made more than what it is for election, all smoke and mirrors. its too late to save her , send her to a senior home and start renting her house to someone else.

Clifton B said...

Left Coast Rebel:
Actually after finding, I would not be the least bit surprised if she wasn't a campaign gimmick!

Clifton B said...


Ah, if it were only so easy to get a Henrietta Hughes type out of the house! The only way she is leaving a rent free home is with a crowbar to her behind and all the WMDs you can get your hands on!

BTW, I dig your blog. That list of jobs lost during the first 100 days is mind blowing!

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