Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good bye Arlen Specter, you self serving SOB!

Arlen Specter has been a thorn in the GOP’s side for decades. Constantly voting against conservative interests. He voted with the Dems on some key issues, Stem Cell Research, extending the Bush tax cuts, guest worker programs for illegals, just to name a few. However his vote for the Porkulus Plan, put his RINO head on the chopping block with the GOP base.

Like any good self serving elitist, Specter officially changed parties to save his own ass. He knew Toomey was going to clean his clock and clean it good! Despite all Specter’s nonsense about the Republican Party leaving him,blah, blah, blah, the real reason he switched parties was to save his own self serving ass! I was floor that he admitted it too:

“I am not prepared to have my 29 year record in the United States Senate decided by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate”

What an arrogant bastard! Who the hell did he think helped to get him there in the first place?

Specter foolishly thinks that he can stick his finger in the Democrats eyes like he repeatedly did to the Republicans.
“I will not be an automatic 60th vote”

Good luck with that! The first time he lets the Democrats down on an important piece of legislation, MoveOn,org will be on him like white on rice. If there is one thing the Democrats don’t do, it is to waste time and money on turncoats and non party players. Look at Joe Lieberman, supported the war in Iraq and the Dems cut him loose. Watch, come 2010, they will all get behind a real Democrat no matter what they promise him today.

Now is the time for Republicans to finally clean house. One more Republican here or there is not going make a difference now. So, now is the time for Mr. Steel to cut funding to wishy washy unreliables like McCain, Snow, Collins, Graham and Hagel. If these guys want to play independent, let them finance their campaigns independently. In other words, put their money where their mouth is!

I will make it my business to make sure Specter is out of the Senate come 2010. I will support Toomey with cash and make calls if I can. I will even send money to any Democrat that challenges Specter. One way or another, I want to see this self serving RINO bastard sent out to pasture once and for all!


JMK said...

Specter ran from the GOP because he is trailing badly in the GOP Primary (51% to 30%) to Pat Toomey (a REAL Conservative).

There are MANY Moderate/RINO Republicans who feel similar to Specter, that "the country has lurched Left and we've got to stay with that or be left behind."That's moral and ideological cowardice!

The FACT is that the current administration is embarking on many of the SAME positions that failed the Carter administration.

America chose unwisely in the past two elections because the MSM successfully branded the growing economic problems as a failure of America's businesses ("greed and corruption") and a failure of the Market and Supply Side principles.

BUT the G W Bush administration was NOT a Supply Side administration! It was, in fact, a VERY Keynesian one.

Keynesian policies failed us, but we've embraced MORE Keynesianism!

Conservatives lost the media and PR battle and now can only watch and wait for the inevitable implosion of Keynesian policies...and it's gonna hurt!

But, IF, in the meantime, the GOP can jettison some of its own Left-leaning influences, THAT will ultimately bode well for them, when the time comes.

Aside from trailing Toomey and the Dems promising to heavilly fund his campaign next election, Specter saw the Gingrich wing of the GOP resurgent and knew he had no influence with them.

Specter's defection apparently seemed to be a no lose situation for him.

Hopefully the PA electorate will rectify that viewpoint.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Hi, I am so glad I stumped on to your blog....I'm not very policially savy, but I agree with everything you said. Arlen Specter couldn't care less about the voters of PA. or America...he just wants another day in Congress, He simple likes power. I wonder how much Soros paid him to change.

Anonymous said...


Excellent sizing up of Arlen Specter. Good riddenance is the kindest thought we have towards him. He completely sums up what a self serving out of touch elete politician is all about.

Yes he will move us closer to a possible removal of fillibuster, but it is high time we open up our eyes as voters and stop voting rats like this man into office.

I have heard folks in the past few days try and tell us that we need to handle with care these interloppers. That is the problem we need to rid our party of ever getting the likes of Specter and like ilk ever elected, they not only are misrepresenting our party, they do great damage to our nation.

We also need to get the truth out more and more, and clarify the record of what conservatisim is all about. We are not aligned with so much of what the left falsely aligns us with. And we should not shrink from being conservatives. Conservatisim is sound in ideology, both personal and nationally.

I am just sharing with you, and thankful for you and others like you. You nailed Specter. What a sad man. And for Joe Biden and his speech this morning on Specter, can someone difine to Joe what the word integrity means. I am so sick of hearing this word attached to those who have no link whatsoever to this word in respect to their lives. Again, so sad.

Thanks for your blogging, love your writings and insights.

Roadhouse said...

When I first heard the news yesterday, it was as if the birds were singing louder and the sun was shining brighter.
Good news is such a rareity nowadays that I wasn't really sure how to react. So I pulled my truck to the side and danced in the median stip.

Good riddance to bad R.I.N.O.S.

Clifton B said...


Yes, many of the RINOs want to lurch left. Did you catch Olympia Snow's piece in the NYT today?

One of W's great faults was not sticking to true conservative principles. We are paying for that now.

We are in agreement that now is a good time to clean house. This way when we build our numbers back up they won't be so laden with RINOs.

Actually I disagree, I think Specter is finished. The Democrats will ride him for all he is worth, but in the end, they will dump him for a true Democrat.

Clifton B said...


Hello Molly, welcome to my blog. Specter is what I call one of those elitist governing class politicians. They are totally in it for themselves, and have forgotten that they are there to serve us.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Like you I don't buy all that silly jazz about how the Republican party must move left. The reason they are not playing well on the East Coast isn't because of party positions, it is because we do not run candidates that follow party positions. Rather we offer up Demo-Lites and who wants a shadow when they can have the real thing?

As far as getting the conservative message out, I fear that task has fallen on us. Everyday rank and file conservatives. Too many of those in Washington clearly do not undertand the message beyond cutting taxes (and for some that is a stretch).

Many of the Tea Party goers seem to have distilled the message down to traditional American principles that founded this great nation, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Clifton B said...


When I heard the news I broke out in a Snoopy Dance! Now we just have to work on kicking out Collins, Snow and McCain!

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