Friday, April 3, 2009

The False Logic of Gun Control.

Today marks another day of senseless violence. Another shooter enters a public place and begins firing. As always the end is so predictable. Several dead, several wounded, families destroyed and no one saw it coming.

Our "leaders" will do all the same things they always do. They will try to feel our pain and they will offer the same old solution ... stronger gun control.

We have been doing this for years now and the result is always the same, another senseless killing. Too many politicians follow the false logic that, if we could just keep the guns out of the wrong hands, this would never happen. But here is the cold hard fact, YOU CAN'T. Even if were were to ban guns all together, stuff like this can still happen. Why?

Gun control laws only effect the law abiding. They do nothing for people who flaunt the laws. Look at Mexico. The Mexican government says that the drug cartel is armed to the tooth because they get their weapons from the US. Stop and think about that. If these illegal drug czars can get weapons out of the USA, what is to stop them from bringing them back in after a total gun ban? They have no problem sneaking themselves or their drugs into this country. Could you imagine what a gun would be worth on the black market if we banned guns in America? Let's put it this way, the Drug Czars would become Gun Czars.

The UK banned guns a few years ago and guess what? Not what they thought it would be. Why is gun crime up over there? Simple you never took the guns out of the hands of people who would regularly use one for crime.

So what is the solution? Stop, trampling on Second Amendment rights. Allow law abiding people to defend themselves. Our Constitutional rights are God given. Isn't defending yourself a God given right? Why should the state be the only way to defend yourself with deadly force?

Think about today's shooting in Upstate NY. No one in that office was armed. They were all at the mercy of the shooter. Had one or more been armed, there is a chance they would have picked him off rather than the other way around. Look at all these shootings, Mumbai for example, such a small number of terrorist could wreck havoc against so many unarmed people. If so much as 5% of the public had been armed, those terrorist would have been stopped in their tracks within moments.

People can handle themselves. That is the belief our nation was founded on. Yes there are bad people out there, and that is exactly why the good people need a fighting chance.


Ron B said...

Great post. Disarm those who abide by the laws then you have lawlessness. But you are correct we will hear the gun control zealots tomorrow with the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC.

Criminals are not going to turn their guns in. Why? Because they did not obtain them legally in the first place.

Gun buy back programs only waste money when gun dealers and others sell their old junk guns back to the sponsors of such programs for a nice profit.

Clifton B said...

Hey Ron B;

You are correct, the regular "talking heads on CNN and MSNBC" will be out shilling for the anti-gun crowd. What is particularly unnerving this time is Obama. Clearly he is an ideolog and has liking for overreach. This is why gun and ammo sales are through the roof.

I don't believe he will act now (I could be wrong), his focus seems to be getting permanent control of the economy. After that, all bets are off. He will no doubt use one of these events to claim "crisis" and proceed to trample the 2nd Amendment. Will America follow? That is the question.

Gary Baumgarten said...

We'll be discussing this issue of gun control on News Talk Online on Monday April 6 at 5 PM New York time.

Please go to my blog, and click on the link to the chatroom to join in the conversation and sound off.



Clifton B said...

OK Gary, thanks for the heads up, will give it a look see.

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