Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama’s Q and A with Democrats: What happened after the dog and pony show

Obama held another Q and A session yesterday, just like the one he held with Republicans. It was the same type of dog and pony show where no follow up questions were asked, so Obama got to lie his ass off for the cameras.

What we learn today is that it really and truly was a dog and pony show; scripted to make Obama look good and the contentious subject of healthcare was saved for after the cameras stopped rolling.

From The Hill:
Senate Democrats held back from asking President Barack Obama about healthcare reform during a carefully scripted question-and-answer session in front of television cameras.
With the cameras rolling, a group of senators selected in advance by the Democratic leadership asked questions about such topics as partisan gridlock and GOP obstruction.
But once the president left and reporters were escorted out of the room, senators pressed White House officials about healthcare reform, according to those at the meeting.
Democrats expressed their frustration with the lack of a clear plan for passing healthcare reform, according to one person in the room. 

One Democratic senator even grew heated in his remarks, according to the source.
“It wasn’t a discussion about how to get from Point A to Point B; it was a discussion about the lack of a plan to get from Point A to Point B,” said a person who attended the meeting. “Many of the members were frustrated, but one person really expressed his frustration.”
Staged and scripted questions are what Obama does best.  I would love to see that man answer real questions on the fly from the average American. I don’t think he would last 5 minutes.

As to healthcare, the dumb Democrats have not figured out that Obama is leaving them with the whole mess. He knows the process is over.  There are too many jittery Democrats to move forward.  Look at what Mary Landrieu, Queen of the Healthcare whores, had to say about using reconciliation: 
“I’m not for using reconciliation for healthcare — I’m just not.” said Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.). “If we couldn’t get a bill through the Congress that had broad support, I said we shouldn’t have a bill.”
Another Democratic senator said that using reconciliation to pass healthcare reform in the next few months would be very difficult and that the best solution is for the House to pass the Senate bill.

Mary Landrieu who was so proud of her $300 million payoff is now all jittery about using reconciliation. If she has second thoughts about using reconciliation to pass fixes to the Senate bill, imagine how House Democrats feel about passing the Senate bill without any fixes. As I have been telling you all along, ObamaCare is dead, dead, dead.


Angie Lee said...

He's shut his pie hole because it IS dead. There was a reason he tossed it into Congress' court and kept his hands off, so that he wouldn't be blamed for the stupidity embodied within thousands of pages of unread (and unfunded) legislation. Had it passed, OTOH, he would have been right at the front of the line claiming credit for it. Just like he'll do when they get around to stuffing it up our pipes again (and you know they will, because they're just f**ing retards like that).

Oops. Did I say that?

Clifton B said...

Angie Lee:

You see what is going on too! They may try to foist it on us again, especially if they come up empty handed on jobs and the economy.

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