Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jon Stewart on the O’Reilly Factor

Last night Bill O’Reilly had Jon Stewart on for the first of a two day segment. I found it so-so.  Jon Stewart was pretty much Jon Stewart and of course leveled aspersions against Fox News: 
But most of all, Stewart used his second appearance ever on "The O'Reilly Factor" to levy a robust critique of Fox News and its coverage of President Obama.
"Here's what Fox has done, through their cyclonic perpetual emotional machine that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: They have taken reasonable concerns about this president and this economy and turned it into full-fledged panic attack about the next coming of Chairman Mao," the comedian told his host.

What is funny about this, is that Stewart spent the better part of the last eight years working his smaller cyclonic perpetual emotional machine to make Bush and Cheney look like rulers of the Third Reich.

Of course O’Reilly loves that Stewart went there, because Bill loves to tout the fact that Fox is number 1.  What I wish Bill had called Stewart on was his remark at 1:52.  Stewart totally wants the balance of power in government squished and have debate cut off. Total fascism.

All in all there were some funnies, but it was oh so predictable.   What did you think?

Video H/T: The Right Scoop (this is an excellent source for Fox News video clips)


Malcolm said...

I found it fairly entertaining... I am looking forward to part (or is it round?) 2 tonight.

The difference between what Jon Stewart does on "The Daily Show" and what people like Hannity and Beck do is the former is comedy while the latter is supposed serious commentary. Bill O'Reilly did make good points about McCain and Cheney not going on The Factor. If McCain and Cheney had appeared on The Factor, O'Reilly would likely have asked them tough (but fair questions). Not like when Cheney goes on Hannity's show and gets lobbed a steady stream of softballs.

Stewart doesn't want debate to be cut off, he's just opposed to the clownish antics/underhanded tactics employed by people like Beck, Hannity, the gang on Fox & Friends, etc. Although I will disagree with Jon about the emotional machine at Fox running 24/7, it is that portion of its programming that garners the most attention and gets a majority of the conservative blogosphere fired up.

Supergranny said...

I thought it was lukewarm...learned nothing new.

Patz said...

I believe Bill O'Reilly has been defending Obama lately because he wants him to come on The Factor.

I hope it doesn't happen because I personally enjoy an Obama free zone.

Anonymous said...

Not great because O'Reilly let stuff slide. For instance, last I heard, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the government were equal. Obviously, Stewart slept through his Civics class and O'Reilly did nothing to correct this screaming error. When I watch stuff like this, I find myself bellowing at the TV so it usually isn't worth it.

Clifton B said...


Listen again to the video, Stewart was not talking about Beck and Hannity. He was referring to cutting off debate between the White House and Congress. That is a no no!

Clifton B said...


I agree, I did not learn anything new from Stewart.

Clifton B said...


O'Reilly has been bending over backwards a wee bit too much. I understand wanting to be impartial, but he is getting ridiculous at times.

Clifton B said...


Ding-ding-ding! You get a silver dollar! You read my thoughts exactly!

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