Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Tell Mama

It appears that the parents of the young girl Obama and Nicholas Sarkozy were ogling are really pissed off.

"If I were there, I would have boxed their ears," said Lucia Rodrigues, 37. "They should be ashamed of themselves."

Patriarch Eduardo Tavares, after finally getting around to seeing the famous photo of his daughter from behind, quickly changed his tune from proud papa to furious father.

"My daughter is not a model and she is not a sex symbol," he told The Post. "That photograph has ruined my whole family."

Here is the money quote from the father:
And dad found some solace in the episode. "Thank God that [Italian playboy Prime Minister Silvio] Berlusconi was nowhere near her," he said.

I think it will be safe to say, no more pretty girls around the G8 Frat boys.

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One Ticked Chick said...

No surprise that a pop culture president doesn't know how to behave in public. He's proven that on multiple occasions. Mrs. Rodrigues need not fret, Michelle probably boxed those considerable ears with her considerable pecs.

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