Monday, July 20, 2009

Drive by bloggin'! When you don't have time to blog

Sorry I missed blogging for a couple of days, folks. We had a wedding in the family and I thought I would be able to blog while away. Note to self: Weekend long celebrations + Blogging = Bad idea!

With that here is a recap of some stories that caught my eye.

Rest In Peace

The Passing of Walter Cronkite really brings into focus the great demise of network news. I remember watching Walter when there was no CNN, no MSNBC and no Fox. I also remember that I was too young to neither understand nor identify media bias. So to me, Walter was pure, nothing like the bias script readers of today (paging Katie Couric). I hope as the media does their tributes to Cronkite, they take the time to analyze just how far they have fallen.

The truth shall set you free

Perhaps now that a first class moron has explained Obama’s moronic economic policy, people will wake up and realize that we are in deep trouble. I said it before and I will say it again, Biden is the gift that keeps on giving!

Barbara Boxer Busted

Silly Barbara things if she mentions the NAACP then all blacks just fall in line. Please, every knows that the NAACP is nothing more than another left wing organization, but in this case with black faces. The NAACP acts just like NOW, pushing the left wing agenda first and foremost, while pretending to speak for all members of a certain group. I am glad Mr. Alford called her out on her condescending bullshit. She was speaking to him the whole time like he was some 3rd grader.
Glory Days

I have always been a great fan of America’s manned space missions. I remember my entire family watching all of the moon missions with great attention. We even watched the first shuttle launches with great awe. Sadly, today as I watch, the old clips I cannot help feeling like those were the Glory Days of America. Today our nation is on the verge of financial ruin as we take on so much debt because too many people want a free ride and we have too many politicians willing to give them one. Will America ever be able to scale such dazzling heights again? I pray that sanity prevails during the next 4 years.

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