Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hillary Clinton: She’s Baaaaack!

You remember Hillary Clinton, don’t you? She is supposed to be Obama’s Secretary of State. It seems like a gazillion years ago since Hillary had her faux pas with that Russian reset button. Since then, she has kind of faded into the woodwork of the Obama administration.

I cannot remember when a Secretary of State that was so out of the picture. Think of all the big foreign policy events recently and Hillary has been nowhere to be seen. North Korea acting like NASA on steroids … no Hillary, the Iranian people literally fighting for their lives … no Hillary and Honduras kicking a would be tyrant to the curb… again no Hillary.

I know some of you are thinking Hillary has that broken elbow thing going on, but come on, even Sotomayor hobbled around on Capital Hill to get her work done and Palin would have been carrying Trig in her bad arm and working two Blackberries with the other.

So what is up with Hillary? It seems to me that Obama has deliberately sidelined her. He has Biden in the Middle East and he handled the other fires himself. Meanwhile what was Hillary up to? It seems she has only two roles, window dressing and non-existent.

Well it appears that Hillary is set to roar. She has issues some not too subtitle statements about the administration’s vetting process and is now set to make a major policy speech.

So why has Hillary decided to reassert herself now? I think it may have something to do with Palin moving into a bigger national role. A year ago when anyone mentioned female president, Hillary’s name was the first on everyone’s mind, today it's Palin.

I don’t think Hillary ever quite gave up her desire for the big chair. Even when she was sworn in as Secretary of State, I thought to myself, the second the SS Obama starts to take on water, Hillary is jumping ship and may even plug a few extra holes in the hull for good measure. So if Hillary still wants to be president some day, she must remain relevant today and that isn’t going to happen if she is stuck playing the role of the administration’s bastard child.

I never thought I would say this, but I hope Hillary is successful in getting control of the administration’s foreign policy. I say this because, during the primaries, there was little next to no difference between Obama and Hillary on the issues. The one thing that did stick out was her vote on the Iraq war. She caught hell from her party for it, but did not back down. If she could take the heat from the far left crazies, she surely could stand up stronger than Obama does against America’s foes. Plus, you have to admit it; don’t you miss the fireworks between Obama and Hillary? I know I do!

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