Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He knows not what he sells

As Obama reprises his role of Chicken Little to get us to feel the urgency of heath care reform, we find out that he doesn’t even know what is in the bill he is trying to sell. During Obama’s call to lefty bloggers, he admits that he is not familiar with the provision that would prevent private insurers from writing new policies after HR 3200 passes. That provision would have the effect of forcing people onto the Public Option.

Click here to hear the audio.

Aside from the price tag, healthcare reform is failing because, like the Stimulus and Cap and Trade, no one knows what the hell is in the damn thing. People are not comfortable with these mystery legislations that Congress doesn’t even care to read. Now it seems that Obama doesn’t care to read them either.


One Ticked Chick said...

Obama and his cronies in Congress don't care what's in any of these bills, which is why they can't be bothered reading them. Obamacare isn't about healthcare reform. Cap + Tax isn't about "saving the planet." Both of these hoaxes are about continuing government intrusion into our lives and restriction of our freedom.

Goran Kaplovic said...

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Ron B said...

Maybe We need legislation that prevents bills from surpassing a set number of pages. The reason no one knows what's in it is because it is so darn long, over 3,000 pages. With all the amendments and legal ramblings no one has taken the time to fully read it nor can they.

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