Sunday, July 12, 2009

A queer thing happened to David Brooks at dinner

  1. I thought gay men were known for having exceptionally good taste, evidently not!
  2. I think Brooks protest too much. If the encounter was that icky, why let the dude's hand stay there all night? Is there no New York elitist way to say: "sorry, I don't roll like that"?


Opus #6 said...

That was FUNNY. She accused him of having a couple of drinks at lunch.

Why indeed was the senator's hand there all night? I agree with your take on this.

The Conservative Lady said...

Sounds like he enjoyed it...a little too much giggling going on. I'm surprised he didn't "out" the guy since he was a republican, but I'll bet the state run media are going to do their best to find out who it is.

JMK said...

Brock is a lowlife scumbag.

Notice he "wouldn't tell" who the "offending Republican Senator" was.....of course, that'd open Brock up to a defamation lawsuit, exosing him to significant civil liabilities.

The guy's such a POS that the only thing that astounds me is his propensity for reaching new lows.

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