Thursday, July 30, 2009

Government "savings" is a joke!

As we listen to the arguments for health care reform, one of the key things we keep hearing about is how "savings" will be used to help pay for the program. Nothing could be more ridiculous. If there is one thing that should be firmly planted in the minds of every American, it should be that our government is incapable of creating or handling savings.

There were two stories out yesterday that I think clearly prove the point. First up is the Obama administration finding a measly $100 million in "savings". This microscopic sum, when compared to our national debt, was what Obama requested back in April. While many supporters of this administration will no doubt say that Obama kept his word and that $100 million is nothing to sneeze at, I now would like to bring your attention to story number two.

Here we have H.R. 1018, the Restore Our American Mustang Act. As some of you might have herd (sorry for the pun), The House would like to spend $700 million dollars on this bill in order to do such nifty things like lock up 19 million acres for the horse, take a census on the horses and provide the horse with enhanced contraceptives. Should H.R. 1018 pass, it would take the Obama administration almost two years to find enough "savings" to pay for it.

What these two stories show is that while saving can be found in one place, Washington has the power to waste it (and a whole lot more) some place else. So the next time you hear Obama, Pelosi or Reid yammering on about "savings" they are going to find to help pay for health care, think of these two stories and know that in the end they will waste whatever "savings" they find on something else.


maddmath said...

Given the 4.3 TRILLION dollar budget, 100 million isn't even a rounding error in this calculation. In scientific term, it's insufficiently ineffective. This would be equilivelent of tuning your car, doing some modification to the carbarator, adding some octane to your gas, don't use your AC while driving (not in this weather I'm not), drive at the maxium fuel efficient speed limit to only at the end save 1/10 of a cent worth of gas for every 10,000 fillups. It isn't worth the trouble and in the end you use up 4,000,000 fold in getting there. In the scientific and financial world, this statistic would be rejected and the accept that there is no real savings. In other words, the savings really doesn't exists or doesn't exist in a way to be in any way, shape or form effective. Much like BO, socialist, the left and their policies.

Clifton B said...


The whole "savings" thing is a scam of grand proportions. Washington has absolutely no record on being able to save so much as a dime. I find it hard to believe that anyone one left, right or center would fall for such a plan.

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