Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who’s afraid of Citizen Palin? MoveOn is!

Sarah Palin has not even enjoyed a good 24 hours as a free woman and she is already being targeted with attack ads. Check out this attack ad by MoveOn:

No matter what the talking heads tell you about Sarah Palin, know this, she scares the bejeeesus out of the left! Don’t believe me? Ask your self this. Mitt Romney is moving up in conservative polls and has tied Obama in a recent match up, how come there are no Mitt Romney attack ads? How come the left are not writing endless negative pieces on him? How come no one on the left seems to show the slightest alarm that he ties Obama in a 2012 match up?

Just like Palin, Romney is a private citizen, just like Palin Romney has spoken out against Obama’s policies, but unlike Palin, no one on the left seems to pay any attention to Mitt Romney. That is because they know they can polish him off in 2 seconds flat. The left long ago wrote the playbook on how to deal with old white and wealthy Republican males.

While we are on the topic of Palin, there is another thing that the talking heads keep bringing up. They all say that Palin should not go after the media because it sounds like whining. I say BS! Conservatives have eaten humble pie, played along and worked around media bias for decades and what has it brought us? No one damn thing. The media still plays their little game of bias and has now completely jumped the shark for Obama. So why not point out that they are two face liars and pushing the left’s agenda instead of reporting news. If anyone is deluding himself or herself thinking that the dirty trick used by the media against Palin won’t be deployed against the 2012 GOP candidate, they had better think again.


Jg. for FatScribe said...

yeah, unreal. Vanity Fair has a piece that is like 3,000 words! It's an interesting read. you know she's her own gal when the GOP feathers in AK were ruffled by her "down the middle" straight shootin'. she'll be fine. not sure if she's the 2nd coming of Reagan (my all time fave), but she's not tainted by the GOP hacks who have no center.

namaste said...

i really like palin. but i disagree with you on her going after the media. the msm played her dirty, yes. but at the end of the day women will always be judged harsher than men in the world of business. i say she should stick to business and let the media pig-babies play in the mud.

49er16 said...

That's why I love her. She scares the Sh*t out of the Left.

maddmath said...

I'm not really a fan of Palin. With her daugher sleeping around in the governor's mansion and her role reversal of the family I have a hard time seeing her as a true conservative. However, given how the left is reacting, they are definately terrified of her. They can't use their tired out evil whitey men arguments against her and win. In fact, it makes them look like the evil, sexist, racists that they are. If she can break the leftist media of that tatic and destory it for good, then more power to her and bring her on in 2012!

One Ticked Chick said...

I'm with you Clifton. It's time to fight back against media bias and I'm glad Sarah is standing up to them. I understand taking on the media is generally considered unwise, but what else can they say about her that they haven't already said?

The Conservative Lady said...

It's not only the media and the leftists. Even the elitist Republicans try to tear her down. They're all afraid of her.

Clifton B said...


Palin is not Reagan, but she is damn closer than anything that has run on the GOP ticket in a long time.

Reagan became conservative by educating himself, Palin is what I call an organic conservative. Her conservatism comes from experience and being.

As such, she isn't as wonkish as Reagan, her ideas are more instinctive and comes out as simple common sense statements.

Clifton B said...


We will agree to disagree on the media. I have seen conservatives all take the road you suggest and the outcome is that the media gets worse and worse.

Re: the judgement of women. We are in agreement there. When I think back to how conservatives (myself included) treated Hillary and now I see how Palin is being treated, I have to say much work needs to be done.

Clifton B said...


The left totally tipped their hand when they went after her. We know that they fear conservatives like her. She is the model by which we should judge all future candidates.

Clifton B said...


With her daugher sleeping around in the governor's mansion and her role reversal of the family I have a hard time seeing her as a true conservative.

While Palin may not have ideal personal circumstances, I do believe that she handles them in a rather conseravative manner. Her daughter did keep her baby, so Palin must have instilled the value of Life in her. Regarding her husband's roll, I think it is more of shared duty. Palin does have her children in toe at many events so she clearly isn't shoving her role as mother off to Todd.

Clifton B said...

One Ticked Chick:

If you see the polls, it always shows that the media's image is constantly slipping with Americans. I think it is time conservatives, fight back and give them a push to full joke status. It would be to conservative's advantage in the future.

Clifton B said...


Elitist republicans fear her for two reasons.
1. They know conservatives like her are far more popular with the base then they could ever be.
2. They saw what she did to her own party in Alaska and they fear she could turn on them.

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