Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Radio Palin anyone?

Move over Rush, make way Hannity, pass the microphone Mark Levin, Sarah Palin maybe testing the waters of radio!

Via Inside Radio:

Alaska’s now former Governor is coy about her future political plans, but radio is at least one option she’s leaving on the table. While not exactly shopping the GOP’s 2008 vice presidential candidate, sources say Palin representatives have been quietly testing the waters to see how much interest radio syndicators have for her.

Sources say Palin hasn’t committed to radio either, but rather it could be a possible next step for her. It isn’t unusual for a defeated national candidate to turn to radio. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s short-form commentaries air on more than 400 stations via Citadel Media. He remains among the names circulated for a potential presidential run in 2012.

Coming to radio would be an ironic twist for Palin, whose position on the media is pretty clear. “Quick making things up,” she told reporters in her final speech as Governor last week.

Ironic twist? Methinks not, Sarah Palin was always aware that there was a media filter working against her.

2008 VP Debates, Palin:

I like being able to answer these tough questions without the filter, even, of the mainstream media kind of telling viewers what they've just heard. I'd rather be able to just speak to the American people like we just did.

What is the best way to get around that filter? Have your own damn show. Plus a radio show would certainly fit her stated plans. (Palin resignation 7/3/2009)

And there is such a need to BUILD up and FIGHT for our state and our country. I choose to FIGHT for it! And I'll work hard for others who still believe in free enterprise and smaller government; strong national security for our country and support for our troops; energy independence; and for those who will protect freedom and equality and LIFE... I'll work for and campaign for those PROUD to be American, and those who are INSPIRED by our ideals and won't deride them.

If she is going to fight for the American way, the gal will need a soapbox and radio could do it. Plus you all know her show will be an instant hit. Just her conservative base alone would insure that it is, but add to the mix all the Palin Haters listening for things to tear her down with and her audience could rival Rush! I hope she does it; she would be far more interesting to listen to than watching Huckabee’s show (his pace on that show is terrible).

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