Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New GOP web ad: 60

I do like the idea of letting people know the consequences of a Democrat supermajority and it is high time to remind people that the Democrats own the economy now. No more Bush’s fault nonsense, Obama and the Democrats ran up these obscene and immoral deficits and it is time they own it.

What I don’t think works here is Al Franken. Franken’s Howard Dean like ranting, doesn’t quite fit here as you scroll through the consequences of the Democrats 60 votes. Al Franken is tailor made for all things batshit crazy. I would save his image for the insane proposals like Stimulus II or Cap and Trade.


Carl Hungus said...

I understand what you're saying, but I think including Franken makes an impact in showing that there is nothing unthinkable now. People tend to think that it will be business as usual with the dems owning everything. Highlighting this clown helps illustrate that nothing is safe. I didn't think my opinion of politicians could go any lower...
How did we end up here? I'm honestly baffled.

Clifton B said...

Carl Hungus:

You do have a point there Carl. I am baffled about how we got here too. It is almost like the latter days of Rome.

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