Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael Moore: Capitalist Pig

Michael Moore’s up coming film, “Capitalism, A Love Story” is suppose to be about the root causes of the global financial market meltdown.

From Variety

The film is described as focusing on "the disastrous impact that corporate dominance and out-of-control profit motives have on the lives of Americans and citizens of the world."

Really Michael?

Below are the lifetime worldwide gross totals of Michael Moore’s top grossing films and their production budgets.

Worldwide Gross $36,055,165
Production Budget $9,000,000

Fahrenheit 9/11
Worldwide Gross $222,446,882
Production Budget $6,000,000

Bowling For Columbine
Worldwide Gross $58,008,423
Production Budget $4,000,000

I wonder how many Americans and citizens of the world suffered a disastrous impact from Michael Moore’s propaganda? By the way, have you ever noticed that there are usually two kinds of people who knock capitalism? First there are the ones like Michael, they already made their millions from capitalism and then pooh-pooh it for others behind them. Then there are the losers. These people are either too lazy or too dumb to make capitalism work for them.

If Michael Moore wants any credibility when it comes to capitalism being harmful, he should EAT the production costs and release the film on the Internet for free. Lord knows he can afford to. However, something tells me that eating production costs of this “documentary”, is one meal Michael Moore would not have an appetite for.


Reaganite Republican said...

No need to be so specific, Clifton-

Just plain "PIG" will do fine


Carol M said...

You nit the nail right on the head. I'm always puzzled when people who have made large fortunes with capitalism then turn around the knock the very system by which they became wealthy. No common sense.

Caeseria said...

My gosh, people pay that much to see his movies??? In heaven's name, WHY?

BlackScorpio said...

Typical democrat liberal hypocrite... complains about the rich only AFTER he has become enriched. I am so sick and tired of Michael Moore and his attempts to be relevant.

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