Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Queen Michelle? Who elected her?

Michelle Obama wants a bigger role in her husband’s administration, according to The Washington Post. Unlike Laura Bush, who focused on a few peripheral issues, Obama wants a seat at the table when key policies are made.

Obama’s new chief of staff, Susan Sher, is part of the crucial 8:15 a.m. White House staff meeting. The first lady’s team of more than 20 has been told to think “strategically” about how to make her a player on policies she cares about.
This could be a very bad idea.

This IS a very bad idea.
While we must recognize that all first ladies hold influence over a president simply because of their intimate relationship as a spouse (just like in every other marriage), we should avoid giving presidential spouses any formal policy making role for the same reason judges should not be making policy and the czars concept should be abandoned, the people never elected them.

Michelle Obama may want a bigger role, however she never submitted to the full public vetting of an election. Yes she did do a whole bunch of interviews, but when were her policies and views questioned or challenged in a debate? Who is to say that her policies or views even match up with her husbands?

For better or worse, America chose Obama to be our president. He submitted himself to the long public vetting process of an election. His policies and views were discussed, dissected and debated. If Michelle was to have a policy role in the administration, then she should have been exposed to the same level of public scrutiny.

If there is to be a bigger role for Michelle, let her be limited to advocating the policies set forth by her husband, the man the people actually voted for (for better or worse).

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Anonymous said...

Just like with Hillary, do your little charity bits,but don't engage in public policy, for nobody elected her.

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