Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello, Barak Obama? Jerry Springer calling! [UPDATED]

Last week we witnessed the left’s newest attack against Governor Palin. The line of attack, was what I call “The Jerry Springerization of Sarah Palin”. Basically, Levi Johnston the father of her new grandson Tripp, had been goaded into making talk show appearances and letting out so called “details” of life with the Palins. His tacky mother and creepy sister were in tow for good measure. Needless to say, the media and leftwing bloggers did their progressive civic duty and began lampooning and labeling Governor Palin as Jerry Springer material.

Well, what a difference a week makes. On Sunday, news broke that yet another Obama family member has fallen out of his shady family tree. This one, Samson Obama, Half Brother #672, was denied entry into the UK in January, because […get ready for this] back in November, he gave a false name to the police after being arrested for attempting to sexually assault a group of young girls! Oh, and do you want to know where Half Brother #672 was going? Why to Half Brother #1’s Inauguration of course. Jerry Springer could not have asked for better material!

Actually, Jerry could do a week long special on the Obama clan. In addition to Half Brother #672 , there is Half Brother #425 (George Hussein Onyango Obama) who makes less in one year than the $13 a week “tax cuts” we’re suppose to be getting. ( I would give him my $13 a week, but as a self employed small business guy, all I am getting is some kind of bridge and road thingy). Plus, we should not forget Auntie Grifter (Zeituni Onyango), the illegal alien living off the public dole in Boston! Never mind the fact that there is a big old empty house in Chicago, were she could stay for free until we finally find a way to kick her out for good.


Today Half Brother #672 said he was sorry:
The question here is, would he have said sorry if his last name wasn't Obama and this story didn't make it into the newspapers? Let's not forget, the assault happened in November and he was denied entry in January. So Samson Obama, what took you so long?


Ron B said...

So let me make sure that I have this right.... Mainstream Media made a mockery of Sarah Palin for having a pregnant teenage daughter yet Big "O" himself is the product of a teenage pregnancy....Big"O" brother is a sex offender and wanted to come see his brother's ascension, his other brother has not seen any of the Obama wealth spread his way and his illegal alien Auntie "O" living on the dole of the country her nephew has swore to uphold its laws and Constitution. Law breaking runs in this family and brother Big "O" does not spread his wealth around not even to family members already living in this country illegally.

Clifton B said...

Correct Ron B!
Let's not forget that Obama said in a speech that he is "his brother's keeper", except for Half Brother #425. Plus his constant request that WE sacrafice, but no sacrafice to take care of Auntie Grifter. Hope and Changes sounds more like Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

Ron B said...

Yep. But let us not forget that he now has a dog and can really say that he is like most other Americans...House, family and dog.

JMK said...

The hyprocritical double standard that Ron B points out is very true. That's what you get when have a MSM that is over 80% Liberal-Democratic.

Family members SHOULD be off-limits.

After all, it's not like Democrats before Barack Obama didn't have their share of embarassing family members - Billy Carter and Roger Clinton spring to mind, but the Palin case is the FIRST time I've ever seen the MSM stoop to the level of assailing a candidate's children.

The Nixon girls, Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton were all off limits for the press.

The Liberal rage over Sarah Palin is that she represents a woman who's dared to move off the Liberal reservation and that, coupled with her charisma, make her a threat to the far-Left.

Clifton B said...

JMK, as someone who also avoided the Liberal reservation, I know first hand the hostle reaction liberals have for blacks and women who speak out against their policies. All that blather about tolerance and equality goes right out the window and the misogynists and biggots come out in full force

JMK said...

Yes, I saw the reaction to Michael Steele, when he ran for the Senate against the whiney, milqtoast, Liberal, Cardin. Very similar to the sliming of Sarah Palin...and equally hyporcritical and revolting.

"Equality" is always used as a club against LIBERTY.

Folks like you don't fall for that, because you acknowledge that you aren't equal....you're better (you have more confidence in yourself and your abilities) than those who want government to provide for them.

In 1992, I was fortunate to have interviewed Professor Walter E Williams.

At the time, the Libertarian Party wanted to draft him for a run for President on its ticket....Dr. Williams refused.

One of the things he said in that interview has stayed with me all these years, he said, "If I were elected and made good on my stated agenda, there'd be riots in the streets...and not only in the poorer areas, in middle and upper class white areas. In fact, some of those people would be angrier than the poor."He was and remains tragically right about that.

It takes real self confidence to want a no holds barred, open market-based system, where we all must "live by our wits."

P.S. I see Dr. Sowell, Justice Thomas, Mike Steele, Condi Rice, MLK, Colin Powell, Alan Keyes, Frederick Douglas, J C Watts, etc. in your wall of fame...I was just wondering why Dr. Williams didn't make the list.

Clifton B said...

Hey JMK;

Yes I have heard of Dr. Williams. I caught a wee bit of flack from my friends over who I left off. Truthfully, I had another blogger who needed a logo for my blog quickly and those pics were the only ones I had on my pc at the time. I am working on a better and more compehensive graphic on that will replace the entire title of the blog. Look for it soon.

Gary said...

Half Brother #672!


That's cold man!

JMK said...

"I am working on a better and more compehensive graphic on that will replace the entire title of the blog. Look for it soon." (Clifton B)
That's great news. I know Professor Wiliams fits in well with that group.

Like I said, I was just wondering.

Great blog btw.

Clifton B said...


Glad you like that one Gary. But seriously, everytime you turn around it seems like Obama has yet another half brother kicking back somewhere.

Clifton B said...

Thanks JMK;

BTW, I noticed that you are a published author, way to go!

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