Saturday, May 23, 2009

The arrogance just keeps coming.

Lord have mercy, these are going to be four very long years if we have to endure such blatant arrogance from our politicians. If there is one thing that really chafes me it is the blistering in your face arrogance, the kind that comes from those who feel they are free to do as they please. I saw a lot of this when I worked on Wall Street. A lot of twenty somethings with big salaries and big titles. They thought that such things at their firms gave them prestige and that that prestige went with them wherever they roamed. Well, those Wall Street twenty somethings were mere rank amateurs when compared to the governing class infesting Washington today.

Three stories out today caught my eye for their arrogance. They are listed in order of their severity from least to most offensive.

The Barak Obama Show

Not satisfied with the fawning press coverage he already receives, the Obama Administration has taken it upon itseft to tell you and I was the important stories of the day is. They are bypassing the media a putting out their own edited versions of stories. While I support conservatives doing this while running for office to defeat a bias media, it is entirely something else once one is elected to office. The idea that an administration would think they could get away with edited and controlled press releases is simply arrogant!

Mr. Speed Reader goes to Washington

When people rightfully complained that Obama's $800 billion Porkulus package was passed without being read, lawmakers seem to have taken note but not in a good way. California Rep. Henry Waxman hired a speed reader to speed read the bloated and no doubt corrupt climate change bill. No doubt we paid for this slap in the face! Blank You, Henry Waxman you arrogant bastard! By the way, pay attention to Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), he seems to be enjoying the circus and listen to the applause when the speed reader is announced! I wish I could fire the lot of em!

Next Topic!

Queen Pelosi is the Queen of Arrogance today. After dropping a flaming turd of lies last week about the CIA lying to Congress, Queen Pelosi stonewalls and completely refuses to answer any questions about her lies! It is a damn good thing for her that the media came out of the closet for the Democrats last year. If there was so much as one decent reporter left in America, they would have proved her a bold face liar 6 days ago!

Well that's enough arrogance for today, I need some Maalox to get all that arrogance out of my system.


namaste said...

we may have been passing each other my during our lunch breaks on wall st.

yes, i know of this arrogance. and as i recall it is nothing more than a put-on to mask enormous insecurities. i even see it in blog land.

obama is a wuss of the biggest kind trying to mask GINORMOUS insecurity with the power given to him by a bunch of dimwits from the left.

and i completely agree with you: it's going to be a llloooonnggg four years. ugh.


Clifton B said...

".. obama is a wuss of the biggest kind trying to mask GINORMOUS insecurity with the power given to him by a bunch of dimwits from the left."

No truer words have ever been spoken! That is exactly why he cannot stand critism.

Opus #6 said...

It *is* frustrating, isn't it. I admit, these past few months have DRAGGED by for me. Watching our freedoms dismantled one by one is agony.

Opus #6 said...

P.S., I featured you today, with a few other conservative bloggers.

Clifton B said...

Opus #6:

Frustration certainly is the word. Particularly when you have Republicans who have to have a "meeting" to decide whether or not to call Democrats socialists! Ugh! Maddening!

Cannot wait to read your post!

Dr.John said...

No question about how you feel is there.

Clifton B said...

Dr. John:

Yep arrogance from people who are there to SERVE really irks me!

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