Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gallup boss: More Americans oppose gun control than ever

Even lefty polls from CNN and NBC backs this up.
Despite these very positive statistics, I expect Obama and the Democrats will still push for stricter gun laws that in the end only curtails our freedoms, rather than make us safer.


Roadhouse said...

Since the election, I've bought four guns. They were really not in my budget for this year, but they are the four models I've always wanted, and I figured I better get them while I'm still allowed to.
I guess I would be for gun control too if I had Secret Service protection for my family for life, as well as an armoured limosine.

Clifton B said...


At least you can still buy them. Over here, it is practically improssible for the average person to buy a firearm. Where liberals go, excessive gun control follows.

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