Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time to take Colin Powell off my logo!

Today on Face The Nation, Colin Powell tells us he is still a Republican but;
  • He voted for Barak Obama and Jimmy Carter.
  • He listens to statistics quoted by Arlen Specter.
  • He knocks Rush Limbaugh.
  • He knocks Dick Cheney.
  • Believes Jack Kemp was for “spreading the wealth”.
  • Believes Gitmo should be closed to please other nations.
  • Favors bringing Gitmo prisoners to the US.
  • Believes the American people want bigger government.
Yeah, sure Colin, you’re a Republican, just like I am a white guy! Sorry Colin, but you are coming off my logo, because you’re wrong! Wrong about how to rebuild the party, wrong about Rush Limbaugh, wrong about Gitmo, wrong about Obama and wrong about everything a conservative believes in.

OK faithful readers, which black conservative would you like to see replace Powell in my logo?


Left Coast Rebel said...

I vote for Walter Williams, are you familiar with him? He's a great thinker and economics professor at George Mason University. A true patriot and defender of liberty.....

Opus #6 said...

Not sure about who to nominate, but I LOL when I saw the red slash/circle on your logo. He he he. Powell is so stubborn. Can't he see that the Republican Party has had enough with being wishy washy on the issues? That we are determined to get back to our Reagan-style roots? What part of anti-socialist anti-communist does he not understand?

Anonymous said...

How about this TRASH?

"How Black Conservatives hurt Their Cause"

The author wrote it in 2005. Interestingly he is from the same city as I. Hmmm youth violence has gone up, WAY up in Chicago since 2005. You may have got a president but how is that working for ya?

Nikki said...

Colin had me at "Obama is more qualified than John McCain" I would have had more respect for him had he said, "hey I like Barack" Ditching John who is supposedly the moderate Colin is pulling for in the party, is such hypocrisy. He lost all credibility. Na Na Na Na, hey hey hey, GOOD-BYE! :)N

Nikki said...

And BTW, You gotta go with Karl Malone or Joseph C. Phillips. :)N

LoieJ said...

Ditch the people who are ruining the Republican party with their empty headed slogans and events that have no substance, the people who can talk but don't have action. Then keep who is left, regardless of color.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, he was a far better General than Republican. Once could also make the argument for Michael Steele as well.

While I like both, at one time or another, they have become Big Tent moderates and even progressive in their views. This isn't what the republican party needs. As the loosing of the presidential elections of moderate progressive McCain showed us.

The only way to win seats is to stick to conservative Constitutional ideals and principals

Ron B said...

Take him off. He has decided that the Republican party is a party that should be all inclusive. With that kind of party you have only one identity and that is what the left wants you to be.

There is nothing wrong with exclusion. You have to draw a line in the sand and say this is where we are and this is where we want to be. If you want to come with me get on the wagon. Those who don't want to go, stay here.

It's well past the time that the Republicans stop accepting all and become exclusive (not elitist). Hold true conservative ideals and values as the cornerstone of the building

Clifton B said...

Left Coast Rebel:

Yes I know Walter Williams. JMK had suggested I add him a long time ago. So I guess with your suggestion we can say Mr. Williams has 2 votes!

Clifton B said...

Opus #6:

As I watched the Face The Nation video, the thing that just kept popping into my head was, I have got to get this bozo off of my blog's logo! If he had just stayed mildly RINO-ish I would have let he be, but noooo!

Conservatives have some serious house cleaning to do before 2012!

Clifton B said...


Re: McCain, you are so right on that one. The very thing Powell says he wants in the Republican party was handed to him with John McCain and he still voted for Obama. That is why everyone believes his choice was motivated by race. If race was the factor, fine, just have the balls to admit it and stop pushing this BS about centrist.

I know both Philips and Malone, I am more familar with Philip's conservative views. Have to do a little more reasearch on Malone, don't want to have to break out the PhotoShop again LOL

Clifton B said...


I am all for cleaning house in the GOP. The idea that they needed a meeting to decide whether or not to call Democrats "socialists" tells you they are completely ineffective for these times.

Clifton B said...

C Scalawag:

I had my doubts about Steele early on (still do) when I saw he was working with Ridge (RINO PA)and Whittman (RINO NJ) on their big tent movement.

The base is going to have to really flex its muscles to rid the GOP leadership of these types. We will have to give them the old 1-2 punch (starve them of cash and then abandon them at the polls).

Clifton B said...

Ron B:

We need to take a page from the Democrats playbook. Moderates are welcomed over there, but they are kept waaaay down on the totem pole. How many Pro Life Dems do you see make it to the big time? Answer: Zilch!

Conservativelikenoother said...

The only thing I could do was scream when I read what he said about Obama. He was the "most qualified" candidate. Okay, either I have been walking in my sleep for the last year, but what "qualifications" did Obama have to be President of the United States. This is insane. Hey you can put a bullseye on Colin Powell, and then we can play cyber darts.

Anonymous said...

I lost my respect for Powell in October 2008 when he went to London
and took centre stage along with Nigerian performer Olu Maintain, who sang his hit Yahoozee.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Hi Clifton,

I hadn't thought of Walter Williams until Left Coast Rebel suggested it, but it's a perfect fit. Wasn't it Walter Williams who used to guest host Rush Limbaugh's show, and the announcer would welcome him with a hearty, "Black by popular demand!"? Heh heh heh.

Nikki is right on here. Colin Powell could have said something like, "I like Barack Obama better, and that's why I'm voting for him." Or even, "I'm voting for Barack Obama because, despite my worries about his politics and inexperience, I think it's time for a black man to be president. This is a glass ceiling we have to break once and for all, for the good of the country." Either of these, although I might disagree with them, has the virtues of honesty and plausibility. "Better qualified"? Bwahahahahahaha!!

Clifton B said...


I cannot believe that Powell really thinks people are stupid enough to believe that Obama was more qualified. At this point in time it is even more of an absurd idea.

Clifton B said...


You make three for Williams so he is going to be the replacement for Powell.

I think that you are right about the Rush thing.

Yes, had Powell picked a reason like he liked Obama or because Obama is black, both would have gone over with more credibility than he is more qualified.

Clifton B said...


Oh yeah that was embarrasing. Reminds me of Albright dancing in North Korea... foolish.

JMK said...

Colin Powell has always been a "Moderate" (read "socially liberal") Republican. A darling of the Rockefeller-wing....the monied interest of that Party.

Nixon, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. were all, like Herbert Hoover (the first "Progressive" to occupy the WH) stalwart Keynesians and social liberals, who believed that every problem has a government-sponsored solution.

The Nixon's, the Bush's, the Dole's, the McCain's, the Whitman's, etc., are ALL diametrically opposed to the Reagan, Gingrich, Forbes wing (the TRUE Conservatives) of that Party.

I've always said that the GOP has always been a very flawed vehicle for Conservatism. It's controlled by its Country Club ("Rockefeller-wing").

That LIBERAL wing of that Party, barely tolerates Conservatives and has even pushed out some of the more prominent Conservatives, such as Pat Buchanan and Gary Franks.

Conservatives have long sought an uneasy peace with the Rockefeller-wing of the GOP. I think that's foolish. If the Country Club Republicans would bolt if the conservativs were to dominate that Party....LET THEM!

The Keynesianism of LBJ was gleefully continued by Richard Nixon....the Supply Side policies of Reagan were abandoned by Bush Sr., and he Supply Side policies of Gingrich were abandoned by the likes of Bush, DeLay, Hastert and company!

I'm still holding out hope that Conservatives wake up to that fact.

Colin Powell is NOT a Conservative, but then again, neither was Bush Jr., or Sr. NOR, for that matter, John McCain.

Colin Powell, like Meghan McCain are arguing that the GOP must embrace MORE Liberalism, echoing the Dems and MSM's cry that "Conservatism has failed".Given that it's really Keynesianism that has failed....that viewpoint (Powell's and McCain's) would seem to be devoid of any truth.

As you noted, I agree with LCR that Professor Walter E Williams would be the best replacement.

Clifton B said...


I could not agree more about the Rockefeller Republicans. I do believe that the conservative base has become activist from the last election and are now activly seeking to send the "Blue Bloods" packing.

Have you checked out the Not One Red Cent movement? Google it.

Walter Williams seems to be the hands down favorite. I am going to work on the BIG logo this weekend that will replace the banner at the top.

JMK said...

I will google Not One Red Cent and I DO fervently hope that the GOP comes back to fundamentaql Conservative principles.

What the Rockefeller-wing SHOULD know is that if BOTH Parties are going to offer MORE government, then the people will ALWAYS choose the Democrats, they're so much better at making empty promises.

The GOP CAN'T argue "better or more efficient government" or "Democrat-light", they've got to offer SMALLER, LESS INTRUSIVE and MORE LIMITED government, with lower taxes, more individual Liberty....that is their ONLY hope.

Did you see Cheney's apporval numbers have risen 12% since his challenging Obama on anti-terror policies.

The lesson that SHOULD be learned by Republicans is that they can't offer the same thing the Dems are, or even a watered down, or "new and improved version"....they're STUCK having to offer SMALLER and LESS.....and those who think that's a losing proposition SHOULD, by all means, bolt that Party.

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