Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hope and Change won't work on these two

Yesterday, North Korea tested a nuclear device equivalent to the bombs that obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. North Korea gave the US less than one hour notice that they were going to conduct this test. Also yesterday, Iran sent six war ships into international waters including the Gulf of Aden. In addition, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected a proposal to freeze his country's nuclear program. Clearly North Korea and Iran have not been moved by Hope and Change.

While the American media has done an excellent job, pulling he wool over Americans eyes in regards to Obama's capabilities, foreign nations have not been so easily duped. Obama's foreign policy has basically consisted of apology tours, kissing ass and ignoring growing treats. What is worse is that North Korea and Iran know this.

Obama's reaction has been to condemn North Korea's actions, call for international assistance and run to the UN (i.e. the same old song and dance). There has been no reaction to Iran as of yet that I could find. In the end, I suspect that North Korea is going to get us to submit to another useless and expensive "framework" and Iran will get their bomb. Why am I certain of this? Because, the only thing that will stop either of them is a military solution.

During the Bush Administration, with Bush's so called "cowboy diplomacy", his willingness to call them out as evil and his use of force on Iraq, neither North Korea or Iran were dissuaded from their goals. They may have tread a little slower but they certainly were not stopped. Obama's kinder gentler approach will certainly not stop them. Both North Korea and Iran know certain hard truths about Obama and America. Obama is an inexperienced executive. Obama and his party are more concerned about sticking their snouts in the trough of the treasury than dealing with foreign affairs. America is politically divided and will not fully back any military action. America is rapidly on its way to being broke and incapable of any prolong military campaigns.

North Korea and Iran know that the current situation is set at least until 2010 and if they are really lucky 2012. Therefore they will move with deliberate speed to achieve their nuclear ambitions, Hope and Change be damned.


Unknown said...

We need an ambassador that relies on common sense more than their doctorate. Susan Rice may be highly intelligent and young, but she has shown in the past to have poor judgment. Bring back Josh (Micheal) Bolton.

Anonymous said...

These two did get hope and change. The hope the US will do nothing and the change that will allow them to develop their nuclear arsenal. BO gladly is giving it to them.

Ron B said...

Cliff you beat me to the punch. I had just fired up the ol laptop to start typing and I decided to review my favorite blogs and bam there you have it. Good post.

Lil Kim and Alphabet Soup have nothing to fear. At least there is still one Cowboy riding tall in the saddle and that cowboy is Israel.

Netanyahu just ain't hearing B-Rock when it comes to protecting his nation. He will attack with or without US approval. Even though the US wants him to notify them in the event of military action. I guess Netanyahu is saying, "what kind of stupid do they take me for." He will defend Israel first then call Obama.

With Lil Kim there is the little island nation of Japan who may just do the same.

We know the U.N. resolutions have never worked. Look at Iraq. That knucklehead was defiant up until the time tanks and troops were rolling in Bahgdad. He had been given I think it was 17 resolutions.

Clifton B said...


Bolton is exactly what is needed in the State Department. That blunt common sense is so desperately needed.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to my blog! Hope you come back often. I agree that their version of Hope and Change is quite different from Obama's. Lucky for Obama that the topic has now been changed to Sotomayor.

Clifton B said...

Ron B:

GMTA strikes again, LOL! "Lil Kim and Alphabet Soup" excellent names for these two! Israel will act on their own, but they had better be fully aware that Obama has no intentions of backing them. They are completely on their own. I think his thinking is if he throws Israel to the wolves, then the wolves won't bite us. Deadly stupid idea if you ask me.

Track-A-'Crat said...


Great post. In the UK for the last half-century, our politicians have been doing what is now termed "managing decline."

It looks like that's PBO's ambition for the US. But, whereas we could do little to avoid our loss of power, the US can (and must) avoid this fate.

Simply accepting Iranian nuclear weapons as inevitable is not a great start, though...

BTW, is this the best Economist cover ever?


Clifton B said...


"Managing Decline" - Lord, those lefties sure do have a way with euphemisms!

Sadly, the only choice for stopping Iran is Israel. They are going to have to do it alone and I do mean alone. When they strike, Obama is going to dig into his bag of jive to find some reason not to support them.

That Economist cover is beyond funny!

Sparta SDA said...

Hi Cliff great Post. I don't understand why Obama just doesn't get it. It is so scary. Thank you for coming by my blog and I am so glad that you liked my post. I just hope people are going to read it and understand what is happening. People of all Colors and religions. But I admit I especially want to reach those who have been so deceived by the Democrats.

Clifton B said...


Glad you liked the post. I certainly liked yours. I think that is one of those important topics that we need to set the record straight on.

JMK said...

Liberals love to claim to believe that "Inside every bad person is a good one trying to get out."

They sure don't feel that charitable about abortion clinic bombers, dog-fighters, or so-called "rednecks", nor for hat matter "black Conservatives".

So, I guess only socialist tyrants are examples of "Bad people who have good ones waiting to get out".

I may be wrong, but my feeling is that things are going to have to get a whole lot worse, before they get any better.

B.B. said...

but they had better be fully aware that Obama has no intentions of backing them. They are completely on their own.They're used to it. And in some ways, they thrive on it. When they have a POTUS who's a true friend of Israel, they have to tread lightly so as not to make things diffivult for him. When a Carter or Clinton or Obama is in office, they can say "screw it" and go back to actually defending themselves effectively.

Clifton B said...


Kim Jong Il, will never sing Kumbaya! You can take that to the bank.

Sadly, when you take into consideration our debtedness to China, we are not left with a lot of options when dealing with NK. I also believe that NK knows this.

JMK said...

I'm certain they do.

We have been a relative "paper tiger"....and even more so, since this new administration has "changed course" and rejected "Cowboy diplomacy".

Clifton B said...

Boy Named Sous:

It is not so much defending themselves, it is backing them up after the action. One of the reasons why the middle east nations do not gang up on Israel repeatedly is because they know America has her back. I don't think that would be the case this time around with Obama.

If Israel attacks Iran (and I think they are going to have to) then they will have to face the aftermath entirely on their own.

Clifton B said...


No doubt, NK was still troublesome with cowboy diplomacy, without it they are going to go buck wild.

B.B. said...


I suspect that short of raising Reagan from the dead, ANY POTUS would have a hard time backing Israel after they took independent, direct action against Iran - which is unfortunate, because they have as much right as anyone else to take action necessary to guarantee their own survival.

I don't WANT to see that happen, but I don't think it's a death sentence for Israel, either. They're tough, resourceful people, and if 2 millenia of antisemitism couldn't prevent the formation of the state, I don't think 2 generations of islamofascism will END it.

Clifton B said...

Boy Named Sous:

"I don't WANT to see that happen, but I don't think it's a death sentence for Israel, either. They're tough, resourceful people, and if 2 millenia of antisemitism couldn't prevent the formation of the state, I don't think 2 generations of islamofascism will END it."

For Israel's sake, I pray you are correct.

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