Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Patriots In Aprons

Today while visiting my follower's blogs, I came across this blog, Patriots In Aprons, started by Old Centennial Farmhouse. I am all for grassroots efforts to beat back the march to socialism. Since the MSM on JournoList decided that Tea Parties were an astrotruf effort, I think that this blog does a fine job at destroying this myth.

Here is what they are about.

Hello and welcome to a place on the web where patriotic women can unite in tying their apron strings, using the apron as a signal of strength and determination like our mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers shared. We tie on our aprons and share their admiration and respect for the document that is sacred to us all: The Constitution.

*We are, among other patriots, a group of women dedicated to the idea that Nancy Pelosi could not be more wrong: The Tea Party movement is not a group of "AstroTurf" protesters or whiny rich people. We are instead, a grassroots group of ordinary, freedom loving Americans.

*In particular those of us on "Patriots in Aprons" are women who believe in the basic foundations of this country and we value our country's history, revere the forefathers, our founding documents, God and country, home and family.

*We recognize our own value as caretakers of our homes and families. We know that we have a job to train and educate the next generation and their children about our country's history and its unique heritage. We care very much about the issues facing our country today and our ability to find our voice and show up in the protests and become active participants as "women in aprons" who are speaking out against this out-of-control, overreaching government.

*This is a place to introduce yourself, and submit a photo of yourself in an apron, with your own words that you would have written on a posterboard to show your protest. You did not have to attend a tea party on April 15 to join.

Submit photos of yourself, your daughters, your mothers, grandmothers, or great grandmothers wearing their aprons, and we'll post those, too. It's important to remember the mothers who have gone before us. When we build a big enough file of apron-wearing patriots, we will make a YOUTUBE video.
*PLEASE EMAIL YOUR APRON PHOTO & your message as well as your first name and home state to:

*We know that we can make a difference as we make our voices heard: a strong group of women that enjoy their heritage and are proud to be "managers of their homes" because we feel we have a lot to contribute in--wisdom and knowledge--to the country we love so much.
*We will show up to the tea parties in the future wearing our aprons and speaking up for freedom. We realize the importance of what the apron stands for: in our nation's history and in our own family heritage. We recognize that an apron is a heartwarming symbol of nuturing, a love for family, and a symbol of home. It can also mean a woman willing to step out and fight on the homefront for her country's freedom.


Spread the word!


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

My sister and I went to the Tea Party in Lansing Michigan. We already know in Michigan what socialism is all about: our governor has done a fine job of moving our state to the bottom of the barrel. SO...we showed up in Lansing with our signs and wearing our aprons. The reaction to the aprons and the corresponding signs (From a housewife's point of view!) was very, very positive. So...if you're a woman who's had it with Washington shoving their agenda down the throats of this country and trying to make you think that it's the "elite" that organize and attend these tea parties, take action! Go to the Tea Party on July 4 wearing your apron and stand up for the Constitution...the most sacred document to an American! Thanks, Clifton, for featuring "Patriots in Aprons" today and let's get busy, women!
Fight on!

Clifton B said...


Glad to help you out! I am all for grassroots movement to take back our nation. If we all don't do it, who will?

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