Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Order of Succession: After Obama it gets worse!

After last week's Liarfest by Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden's spilling the beans over the secret bunker, I was left with the realization that America has no credible successors should Obama be unable to complete his time in office. Really, both Biden and Pelosi have proven themselves to be completely unacceptable for the presidency. This got me thinking about the order of presidential succession. Here is what we currently have to work with after Obama.

1. Joe Biden, Vice President: This chronic sufferer of verbal diarrhea would immediately step into Obama's shoes. As we all know, Joe Biden's mouth is usually light years ahead of his brain. As such we have been treated to some shockingly stupid statements.

After being chosen by Obama as his running mate, Biden said this:

How right you are Joe! From his plagiarizing past to scaring people over Swine Flu to revealing the location of the secret bunker, Biden has proven time and time again that he lacks the smarts to be President.

Obama only chose him because, he felt he needed someone with strong foreign affair experience. Even on this count, Biden is a dim bulb. In 2001 shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Old Joe wanted to give Iran $200 million, gratis! I wonder how many centrifuges that would have bought?

Should Biden become President, we all need to pray that he choose a Vice President who is far more capable than himself.

2. Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House: After Nancy's disastrous week, the mask is off. We can now see her for what she truly is, a lying party hack! This is a woman who is willing to put her party and herself over national security. This is a woman who would rather us believe an entire agency of the government is lying, then to believe that she has been lying all along. With all the dangers facing our nation, it would be an absolute catastrophe to have such a devious liar running the show. I can think of two incidents where Pelosi went abroad and came back with a completely different story than what went down. Remember her meeting with the Pope this year? She made it sound like they had tea and crumpets, the Vatican said she got a lecture on supporting abortion! Also recall Pelosi's trip to Syria (why did we pay for that?). She came back saying how Syria was ready for peace! Meanwhile, Syria said no such thing of the kind!

Lucky for us, the only way Nancy could become president would be for both Obama and Biden to be out of office roughly at the same time. Otherwise, Biden gets to pick a new VP (as per the 25th Amendment) and the process of succession starts all over again. Whew!

3. Robert Byrd President pro tempore of the Senate: The irony of this choice makes me laugh. Democrats love to scare black people into thinking that electing a Republican as president is like electing a Klansman. Meanwhile, that is exactly what they would get should DEMOCRAT Robert Byrd ever become president! At 92, and looking ever bit of it, Byrd would need a very young and health VP!

4. Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State: I never thought I would say this, but out of all the Democrats listed so far, Hillary makes me cringe the least. Make no mistake, Hillary is an ideologue, however she is a self serving ideologue. Hillary is a poll watcher. If a wacko left wing policy was a stinker at the polls, there is very little chance Hillary would stick her neck out to support it. Look at Hillary's support of the Iraq war prior to the Dem primaries. It cost her dearly, but had Obama not emerged and she got the nomination, she would have been riding high in the general election because of it. If Hillary were president today, I doubt she would have signed that Stimulus package or voted for any of the TARP, it would have been far too risky for her legacy.

5. Timothy Geithner Secretary of Treasury: Mr. Tax cheat numero uno! I would not trust this man as far as I could throw him. When I listen to his nonsense on the economy, systemic risk, stress test and so forth, I have no idea whether he is saying this stuff out of his understanding of the whole economic process or is he just mouthing crap that was told to him by Rahm Emanuel? At any rate, Geithner does not inspire confidence in the least bit.

6. Robert Gates Secretary of Defense: Full disclosure time, I have actually met Robert Gates. I met him at a charity event in NYC. What I found impressive was that he accepted invitation to the event prior to becoming Bush's Secretary of Defense and kept the appointment anyway, even when everyone would have understood his dropping out. With that said, I am beginning to wonder about Gates. His easy acceptance of Obama's defense cuts, when the world is so dangerous and the Democrats are spending money on any and everything else. How come no major fight? How come Gates could not ask Obama, why is he giving billions to ACORN and but cutting billions from defense? Sounds like something a follower does not a leader.

7. Eric Holder Attorney General: Don't you feel safer already? This "BRAVE" man leading us poor cowards. I think the next time Eric Holder wants to call out cowards, he might want to try using a mirror. He did not have much courage to admit he doesn't know jack about torture. Methinks we have another party hack here who only knows how to singing the party line.

From here on out, the list of succession is still abysmal, with more party hacks and tax cheats. Queen of the Clowns, Janet Napolitano brings up the rear.

8. Ken Salazr Secretary of the Interior

9. Tom Vilsack Secretary of Agriculture

10. Gary Locke, Secretary of Commerce

11. Hilda Solis Secretary of Laor - Tax Cheat #4.

12. Kathleen Sebelius Secretary of Health and Human Services - Tax Cheat #6.

13. Shaun Donovan Secretary of Housing of Urban Development

14. Ray LaHood Secretary of Transportation - Republican.

15. Steven Chiu Secretary of Energy

16. Arnie Duncan Secretary of Education - Obama's friend from Chicago.

17. Eric Shinseki Secretary of Veteran Affairs

18. Janet Napolitano Secretary of Homeland Security - Clown


Nikki said...

OI. I am a little depressed. Joe Biden is enough to keep me up at night. I always thought it was hilarious how the media portrayed Sarah Palin as an idiot...uummmm are you kidding me? Helloooo Joe...much bigger idiot alert let's pile on that dude. Especially after their debate where everything that came out of Joes mouth was a big fat lie! Nice Job...:)N

The Conservative Lady said...

Good job. Hannity and Beck should publish this list on their TV shows...although it might be too "traumatic" for national consumption.

Clifton B said...


Joe Biden as president scares the living hell out of me. That man is truly a moron. If the media wasn't portraying him as a loveable, bumbling unle type, he would be the laughingstock of the nation!

Clifton B said...


I was quite shocked to see how completely unacceptable the folks are on this list. Tax Cheats, mental midgets, liars and baffons. America needs better than that!

JMK said...

Absolutely right!

It's all down hill after Barack Obama.....Biden is a fool, Pelosi is a nightmare....and the hits just keep on coming after that.

I know this is heresy for a Conservative to say, but I see Barack Obama, much like I saw G W Bush (a very Keynesian Republican) and Bill Clinton (a reluctant Supply Side Democrat)...he seems like a very nice guy and he certainly seems sincere in his views.

What's more, unlike most Liberals who can never seem to make cogent, coherent arguments for what they believe, Barack Obama DOES make such arguments.

In that regard, he really IS a "NEW kind of Liberal."

While I don't agree with or like many of his policies, especially his economic ones, I don't see Barack Obama as "evil" at all.

I know many on the Left ascribed the worst possible motives to Bush/Cheney over their own disagreements, but I refuse to do that and I think it's wrong and potentially very dangerous for Conservatives to emulate the BDS that fueled the far-Left the last eight years.

The Conservative Lady said...

Obama is a statist, and if you read Mark Levin's book (Liberty and Tyranny) you'll find that his kind of liberalism is not NEW (although he does spin it better than most, as you said). It's been going on for years, slowly taking over our country and it has finally reached the point where it has total power. It's going to be a hard job to turn it around because it's infiltrated our educational system.
As for Obama being "evil"...I think Obama's policies are "evil". They are going to destroy America as we have always known it. They are ruining the American people, taking away their freedoms and liberties; making our country a welfare state that will be hard to turn around.
His actions are making our country less safe, too...did you listen to his speech today? You say you don't see Obama as "evil", but do you think he is naive? Do you feel more safe after listening to his plans for the terrorists and our national security? I sure don't.
So, whether people think Obama is evil or not, I believe his actions are "evil" and we must call them as we see them. For conservatives to be silent in the midst of Obama destroying our country is to hasten our demise.
"Bush Derangement Syndrome" was the result of the liberal's HATE for President Bush because they think he stole the election. Therefore, they would not support him in anything he did. Conservatives are not emulating BDS. The difference is that conservatives FEAR the "change" Obama has promised because his MOTIVES will lead us to socialism/facism. I think it's more dangerous not to speak out. As a matter of fact, I think it's our duty.

Clifton B said...


I don't view Obama as evil either. I do see him as a hardcore ideologue mascarading as a moderate. He uses the language of conservatism to mask his socialist beliefs. Truth be told, he is rather good at it too.

Fortunately, his actions betray his words and it is the consequences of those action that will be his undoing.

All that said, he is significantly better than others on the list with Hillary and Gates as possible acceptions.

Clifton B said...


"I think it's more dangerous not to speak out. As a matter of fact, I think it's our duty."

Obama's policies are very dangerous to the country. The damage to the nation on an economic level is unbelievable. Conservative MUST stand up and speak out against them any way we can.

JMK said...

"I do see him as a hardcore ideologue mascarading as a moderate." (Clifton B)
He IS certainly that.

But he's far more effective and dangerous than the typical Liberal. He is a very effective communicator....far better than the likes of AlGore, John Kerry, Joe Biden, etc.

The challenge of Obama is that he must be challenged in a very different way than the traditional Liberal.

In fact, his policies will have to fail before his popularity fades.

The MSM was able to effectively blame Supply Side economics for the failures of Keynesian policies.

TCL, what far too many Conservatives don't get is that Obama is merely continuing, albeit ramping up G W Bush's Keynesian policies!

G W Bush was as disastrously Keynesian as his Dad (only the 2nd post-WW II US President to preside over four stright years of double-digit Misery Indexes) and Richard ("We are all Keynesians now") Nixon.

That has been Conservatism's downfall, this ill-fated partnership with the GOP's Moderate/Rockefeller-wing.

I'm afraid that until more of us understand that, the solution's going to remain out of reach.

The Keynesianism of the last 8 yrs has put us in the position where Obama's hyper-Keynesianism will have to fail before they can be effectively challenged and ultimately changed.

The Conservative Lady said...


I agree with you that Obama's policies will have to fail before his popularity fades. It seems that even though people are not happy with Obama's policies, his ratings are still high.

What you say about moderate Republicans is true. The moderates have brought the GOP down and that all of our problems did not start with Obama. I am not going to defend them. I'm more po'd at the Republicans than the Dems. But if we don't speak out and make the case for conservative leaders, how else will we get them?

Somebody has to point out Obama's destructive policies. The MSM isn't going to do it...they work for him.

Hopefully, if we speak LOUD enough on some issues, our reps will have to listen and act once in a while. It may cost them their jobs if they don't. Example...the Dems won't fund Obama's Guantanamo closing until he shows them his plan. This is because they know their constituents do no want terrorists brought to the U.S. They can't go along with Obama on this one without a good explanation to bring home to their voters.

Maybe some true conservative leaders will be encouraged to run for office if they see the discontent of the voters.

It's about time the silent majority wakes up and takes action. It may not work all of the time, but if it works occasionally, that's better than nothing. And if we have to suffer the failures of the Obama policies to learn a lesson, then maybe the next time we'll vote with our brains instead of our desire for "change" at any cost.
We have to start somewhere.

More than anything, we need conservative leaders who can speak in complete sentences, can get the conservative message out and who believe in their hearts what they say and practice what they preach.

Whew...I'm out of breath.

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