Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick Thoughts on Souter

Here are my quick thoughts about Justice Souter's departure.
  1. Since he voted lefty his departure doesn't change anything.
  2. Souter was a liberal at heart. He waited for a liberal president before he resigned in order to maintain the balance of power on the court.
  3. Damn, Obama jumped on this quick, the man isn't leaving until October.
  4. I expect Obama to pick a real moonbat for his replacement, and why not? Whoever he picks will sail through, and this may not be the case after 2010. Plus, Obama's "empathy" comments tells me his pick will be clueless about the Constitution, but will have all the right "feelings" about the law.
  5. I expect Obama's moonbat choice to be a Politically Correct first. I expect that to translate into a minority or if white, openly gay.
  6. Also, since Obama is looking to move the nation left, I also expect his pick to be young. This way his pick will have a good long run on the court.
  7. Souter puzzled me. He isn't fond of Washington and loves his private life, so why did he go through all that subterfuge to get the job in the first place?
  8. Look for the MSM to use Souter's resignation and Specter's jump to paint a picture of a crumbling and demoralized Republican party. Don't fall for it!


49er16 said...

Obama choosing a justice, now that is a scary thought. Especially if he chooses a hard-leaning liberal to fill that seat.

~Leslie said...

Of course obama is going to choose the leftist lefty he can find. And it will be someone who wants to interpret the law and the constitution with 'feelings' and political correctness, rather than with right and wrong. Souter picked his timely wisely. He knew what he was doing.

We can only hope there is a BIG change in 2010...if we even have an semblance of our country left...

Ron B said...

Dude were we switched at birth. I was going write about almost the same thing. Hats off to you!

Bush thought that picking Souter was one of his mistakes since the man ended up being something that he claimed not to be.

Clifton B said...


Let us not forget Ginsberg is not in good health and Obama could replace her as well before 2010.

Clifton B said...


Did you check out the link at the end of the article? It looks like people are already recoiling from the Democrats.

Clifton B said...

Ron B:


Anonymous said...

Obama has stated that the constitution is ‘Deeply Flawed’, now he can re-write it the way he see fit, we're screwed as usual.

Mary M. Baker said...

I am sure the left is ready to write us off, but this is just the right time for us. Now I am hoping that the American people will wake up. I am sure this is just one of the lefts usual bullying to get there way. Maybe his pick will be young enough to see the error of their ways and change and become super conservative. Then they will force him or her to resign as well.

Clifton B said...


YIKES! I forgot about that from the campaign. If memory serves correctly, he used that term in reference to "social justice".

Clifton B said...


"...Maybe his pick will be young enough to see the error of their ways and change and become super conservative..."

From your lips to God's ears!

Roadhouse said...

Clifton B.,
I have a feeling that the nation is about to get a crash coarse in the importance of the Supreme Court and it's effect on our daily lives.

Clifton B said...


You can say that again, especially if or when Obama gets to replace one of the conservative justices.

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