Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quantity vs. Quality

Today at RedState I ran across a blog post by Senator John Cornyn ( Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, NRSC). It was a mass of contradictions that is so typical of the GOP leadership today. Here is an excerpt:

Some believe that we should be a monolithic Party; I disagree. While we all might wish for a Party comprised only of people who agree with us 100 percent of the time, this is a pipedream. Each Party is fundamentally a coalition of individuals rallying around core principles with some variations along the way.

This is a strawman argument if ever there was one. First of all, who Mr. Cornyn is saying the GOP needs to be a monolithic party? Most just want members who actually stand on principles especially those members at the top. I for one do not mind moderates in the party, I just mind them running the show.
Now look at this contradiction (emphasis added):

As a Party, we were stunned. Having failed to anticipate shifting national dynamics and the growing appetite for change in America, we lost critical voting constituencies including independents, Hispanics, and young voters nationwide

He then goes on a few paragraphs later to describe Marco Rubio as such:

Earlier this month, two Republicans candidates emerged for the open Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez in the Sunshine State: Marco Rubio, the young and talented Hispanic former Speaker of the state House, and Charlie Crist, the state’s popular Governor.
So we lost "Hispanic and young voters", which we must get back. However, we do have a "young and talented Hispanic candidate"! So why in Gods name does Cornyn and the NRSC support an old RINO like Charlie Crist? I will tell you why, Cornyn is playing the numbers game. Basically, what NRSC wants us conservatives to do is to sit back, shut up and vote for as many Republicans as we can, principles be damned.

This is the classic argument of quantity vs. quality. Sure, we can make up for those losses in the House and Senate. But what good would it do if on every important issue, several of them jump ship and vote with the Democrats? We had control of all three houses, but what did we do with it? Did we get Social Security reform? Did we reform the IRS? Did we shrink government and cut back spending? No, we did not and why? Because too many of our own people were clueless about conservative principles.

When the GOP rebuilds, it needs to be rebuilt with quality candidates. When the Democrats are through bringing their 40 year old wish list to life, we will need strong principled people just to bring back America to anything close to what it use to be. This certainly won't happen with a large pack of unprincipled, spineless, big government loving RINOs.
The only way the John Cornyns, McCains, Powells and Specters of the party are ever going to hear us, is when we starve them to death by withholding our cash and votes.


Unknown said...

Before cornyn's last re-election I called his office to discuss his support of amnesty (he is, unfortunately, my senator). I told him either to change his pro-illegal stance or he would lose my vote.

I received an excruciatingly long email which at the end of all the twists and turns, told me i needed to rethink my stance.

I am not sure now he was re elected, but there you go. Even Rush Limbaugh, who campaigned last election for the man, has told to be quiet.

This is why we need term limits. After one full term they are all somehow corrupted and by two, they become some sort of 'blue-blood' in crowd that forgets why they were sent to Washington in the first place.

Clifton B said...


"I received an excruciatingly long email which at the end of all the twists and turns, told me i needed to rethink my stance."

This is the arrogance of the governing class. Democrats are not the only ones infected with it. I am all for cleaning house of these liberal wannabes. I vowed after voting for McCain that I would rather sit by and let the Democrats win, than lift a finger to help these arrogant RINOs.

Mary M. Baker said...

Why is it that we continue to think these people are going to listen to us. They have proven over and over again, that they can care less about us. We must take them at their word. They don't care. And why should we.

Clifton B said...


I am finished caring too. I vowed after wasting my time on McCain (if it wasn't for Palin I would not have bothered), I would never lift a finger or waste a dime on another wishy washy Republican. If they don't have conservative principles or have the cajones to fight the Dems, then they can twist in the wind for all I care.

Count Busy said...

It really is sad and pathetic, but looking on the bright side you going to have a barrel full of dimes to spend on something worthwhile, and a well rested finger, because if this mess ain't going to get them serious, what the heck will? Really just make you want to slap somebody!

Clifton B said...

Count Busy:

I will spend my barrel full of dimes on worthwile candidates (Palin, Bachmann, Rubio). As for one of my fingers, it will get quite a workout saluting the NRSC!

Anonymous said...

I think a good many conservative folks are going to start looking at third parties, in particular Libertarian Party.

I for one have already switched,for the GOP has left us conservatives by going to the left.

Clifton B said...

C. Scalawag:

Tomorrow are primaries for where I live. After voting in that, I am seriously considering becoming independent.

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