Monday, May 11, 2009

He Said, She Said

In the last few days we have been exposed to two jokes that were both in very bad taste. One was by Golf Analyst David Feherty and the other by comedian Wanda Sykes. Both jokes were about the demise of individuals. In the case of David Feherty, he joked about troops killing Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Wanda Sykes went on to joke about Rush Limbaugh having kidney failure.

In our hyper political world, the public reaction to these jokes are predictable. Those on the left, they are highly offended by Feherty's words, those on the right are insensed by Sykes. There was a time in America where everyone, no matter what your political stripes, would have seen both these jokes for what they are crass, tasteless and completely morbid.

I found both jokes in extremely poor taste. What is so funny about the terrible demise of someone? Nothing I can see, that's for sure. One thing I do not look forward to is the predictable selective outrage and empty apologies that follows. We all know both sides said the things they did because they intensely dislike the victims of the jokes. Lets be honest, do any of you really think Feherty (who already apologized) or Sykes (bet you she never does) are really sorry about their wise cracks? Of course not.

This is why I admired Dick Cheney when he refused to apologize to Leahy for telling Leahy to fornicate himself. Now I don't approve of a Vice President dropping the F-bomb on the senate floor. Such actions lower our culture and political discourse. I do admire Cheney for standing by his words. He meant what he said to Leahy and refused to give a bogus apology for it. What would have an apology accomplished anyway? Liberals would still hated him and berated him for what he said to Leahy anyway.

I don't believe Feherty or Sykes should not apologize for their crass jokes. They probably both meant what they said. Giving empty apologies because of "outrage" means nothing. If either were truly sorry, they would not need prodding from an outraged public, and would have offered it on their own. In the end, we are going to judge both of them for their original words anyway.

Since we are on the topic of tasteless jokes, let me ask, why did Obama laugh at Sykes' Limbaugh joke? Obama is suppose to be so thoughtful, compassionate and erudite Yet there he was, yucking it up over such lowbrow humor. This is the second time, Obama thought something crass was funny. Remember his Special Olympics crack? Are we seeing a pattern of lack of compassion here? Could be, the media steadfastly refuses to give us anything but a puppies and rainbows image of Obama and his family.


Nikki said...

Found your blog through clicking someone's links...Personally I get tired of the "denouce" crowd. Denounce this, denounce that. It like a bunch of kindergartners trying to get brownie points for getting their class mates in trouble. We all know what they said was tasteless the collective societal sigh was heard. I agree, apologies empty empty empty. I said what I meant and I meant what I said, until someone was offended. gutless.
I watched Wanda, and she was less than not funny. The courtesy laughs were in plenty and that goes for Obama. He was laughing like he was getting tickled and Wanda was terrible. He did laugh while he was taking a drink of his liquor, and yet, here comes the denounce. So spineless. Laugh and then finger point. Classic.
Enjoyed the read...:)N

Unknown said...

I would hope that pelosi and reid should expect no less from the troops.

All of their bad mouthing and accusing of our troops, what did they expect? And for someone that can legally put a voice to it to be scrutinized at all is abhorrent. The troops cannot speak about the government for themselves. God bless Mr. Fehety for giving us some satisfaction for once.

These people, including that idiot that got elected, forget that they are public servants. Here to serve ALL of the public, not just their own party. GWB did this by trying to keep us safe. The current clown is doing this by....spending all of our reserve?

Wanda Sykes is what she is: A comedian called in to make the president laugh. I won't chastise her to hard because she had to have been vetted ahead of time. So, that leaves the question....who is going to be the fall guy for making obama laugh? Wanda? The telepromptor? Gibbs? Michelle, my belle? It will be interesting to see who he projects on this incident. We all know it can't possibly be his fault.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for stopping by, come back often :-D

" I said what I meant and I meant what I said, until someone was offended. gutless. "

This is exactly how I feel about the apology parade! Enough already!

Clifton B said...


Like I said, we will judge their action accordingly, no need for all these empty apologies. Both Fehety and Skyes said things we all know people think themselves. I still don't think either sentiment makes for good jokes, but they are feelings that are really held, so why all the I'm sorry nonsense.

Cheney was pretty crass with his remark, but by God he had the two stones to stand by what he said!

~Leslie said...

Clifton, I agree fully with your post here. I will add, to the ending paragraph: It takes a strong moral person to NOT laugh at a joke or comment when it goes against said person's moral beliefs. It would have been appropriate and OKAY if obama hadn't laughed at this joke, which would have shown his moral ground of disapproval of such jokes. I would say the same with anyone.

I don't know why he laughed at this joke. Perhaps he found it humorous, perhaps he went along with the crowd, I don't know. But, either way, the response to that specific joke should have been different for someone who speaks the things obama speaks. You are right, he totes himself as someone "so thoughtful, compassionate and erudite"
yet he laughed a full laugh at a joke about someone's demise...

I don't agree with empty apologies. If you aren't sorry for saying something, don't apologize for it. This isn't to say that I will agree with everything everyone says.

Clifton B said...


"...It takes a strong moral person to NOT laugh at a joke or comment when it goes against said person's moral beliefs..."


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