Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drive by bloggin'! When you don't have time to really blog.

Sorry folks, but the last couple of days, have had me swamped! Between work and social engagements I have been putting off blogging about so many topics. So, rather than let them pass without comment, I am going do a "drive by' on each one and give quick thoughts. So, buck up those seat belts and get ready for the ride.

Obama and Notre Dame

The blame lies clearly with Notre Dame. They never should have extended the invitation to Obama. Their reason of it's tradition to invite the president is BS. What about the tradition of Catholics standing up for life? Had Notre Dame not invited Obama, they could have opened the dialogue of why is that Obama's actions do not match his words on abortion? If the Catholic church wants to regain its authority in the world it should start by living up to its own standards. e.g. no passes for politicians who support abortion!

Biden and the secret bunker

For the love of God, when will this man STFU? The worse thing about Joe Biden's verbal diarrhea is that it is the kind that has ZERO thought behind it. He just opens his mouth and it just keeps running. My advice to Biden is that he needs to follow Obama. Use lots of "umms", this will give him time to THINK before he speaks. Also, use a teleprompter whenever and wherever he can. Just make sure he uses his own damn words! Look for an up coming post about Biden and Pelosi titled: We Have No Back Ups!

Maureen Dowd: Plagiarizer

Maureen Dowd clearly has some writing skills. If you ever read some of her earlier stuff (now I wonder if it really was her stuff) you can see she knows how to string a word or two together. However, Dowd, allowed herself to become a lazy hack. By putting pretty words to empty leftwing talking points, Dowd cheapens her craft. By stealing the words of Talking Points Memo blogger John Marshall, Dowd has sunk to a new low. My advice to Down, take a sabbatical. During that time, she should read only hard news and eschew opinion pieces. Then she should formulate her own opinions rather than recycled or stolen leftwing talking points. A fresh and new perspective coupled with her writing skills will put her on top of the game. Without this Dowd is rapidly headed to the trash can of over rated hacks relying on yesterday's laurels. BTW: did you know Dowd, skewered Biden over his plagiarism? Talk about coming full circle!

Sarah Palin's book deal

Sarah Palin has a book deal with Harper Collins. Lefties are already trying to poop on it. They are saying she will need a ghostwriter and it won't sell. Oh, please. Tons of folks use a ghostwriter, Hillary and Bill did. It is suspected that Bill Ayers is Obama's ghost writer for Dreams From My Father. So file that argument under NONSENSE. Regarding Palin's book not being successful, that has to be the stupidest thing I ever heard. That book is going to sell, sell, sell! Palin lovers will snap it up because they cannot get enough of this great lady. Those on the fence will buy it to see what they think for themselves. Palin haters will buy it, to comb through it for new attacks. BTW: file this as another sign that Palin is running in 2012!

Gallop: Americans More Pro-Life than Pro-Choice

Well looky, looky! Gallop reports that Americans are now more Pro-Life than Pro-Choice for the first time. Isn't if funny that at a time when both RINOs and Liberals are telling us to abandon social conservatism for "moderate" (read liberal) views, here comes Gallop to tell us that America is now trending Pro-Life. Also, if you remember I reported that Gallop also said that Americans are also now heavily anti gun control. So if the nation is actually trending towards our side on two major social issues, why the hell should we embrace NRSC's point of view? I say we should the Not One Red Cent movement and clean house of these foolish RINOs.


Conservativelikenoother said...

I am so honored to be the first person to comment on your blog. Talking about "no holds barred", you have a brand on that one. I too have alot on my plate right now and I thank you so much for the drive by, but you have great precision and shot every target right on the bullseye.

Keep it up, we need your tenacity in the blogsphere. Have a great week. A little drive my commenting on my part.

Opus #6 said...

For someone without much time to blog, this is a wonderful piece. I am inspired to follow your blog. :-D

Clifton B said...


Thanks for the pat on the back. I do feel bad when I miss out on blogging. So I quess quick hit and runs work better than nothing LOL. Although there are a few that I wish I could have given more detail on. Maybe I can revisit them later.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog and please drop by often. A BIG thank you for posting the Republic video. As you can see I shared it here too on my blog. If you did not get a chance to see the two videos I suggested in my comments on your blog, they are posted here as well.

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