Friday, May 15, 2009

Michelle Bachmann Another Sarah Palin In The Making.

Today I read about Michelle Bachmann taking the fight to ACORN. She has put out a call to cut off fund for that shady organization. Bachmann said:

“This is about how Congress spends the peoples money in our country and its about the bar that Congress sets for accessing federal funding. The question before us is it a right that anyone is entitled to or is it a privilege that must be earned?”

“No matter how many times prosecutors investigate and even indict acorn and their employees, they emerge unblemished as far as the federal government is concerned,” Bachmann added. “The question is do organizations have a right ot taxpayer money no matter what they do?”

It is this kind of respect for the taxpayer's money that the Tea Parties were all about. This is also the kind of strong conservative views that the base is longing for. Bachmann, if you recall also delievered a smack down to Turbo Tax Timmy, by demanding to know what constitutional authority could he cite for his request for more power.

Michelle Bachmann will no doubt receive the Palin-Treatment from the left soon. She is treading where so few Republicans seem unwilling to go. Like Governor Palin, Bachmann seems more interested in doing what is right by the American people than what is good for her political career. Michelle Bachmann also shares another thing with Sarah Palin ... nasty leftwing bloggers.

Yes, Michelle Bachmann has her own little group of hate bloggers throwing stones at her. Google Michelle Bachman and you find the Dump Michelle Bachmann Blog. While it isn't the myoptic circle jerk of recycled lies, like Palin has with the Alaskan Bloggers, it is a start!

When the GOP 2.0 finally emerges, look for Michelle Bachmann to play a major role. I leave you with Bachmann's Barney Frank's ACORN Amendment.


Lisa Graas said...

Great post on Michele Bachmann. Yes, you are right that they are doing the same to her that they do to Sarah Palin, albeit not quite as many numbers are out to get Bachmann (yet). I would like to see a Palin/Bachmann ticket in 2012! The first time I heard someone suggest it, it surprised me, and the more I think about the idea the more I like it! Great blog. I'm going to tweet a link to your piece on Michele.

Lisa Graas said...

p.s. I found your post just by running a search for "Sarah Palin" on Google Blogs. It was on the second page of results but that's pretty good! Keep up the good work.

Clifton B said...


"...see a Palin/Bachmann ticket in 2012"

Actually, I orginally wanted to write about how women will be the leaders of the new conservative resurgence. It was the Palin/Bachmann ticket that got me thinking along those lines. It is certainly a post worth exploring.

Re: Google Blogs. Wow! I am moving up! 31 followers as of today, although I am not quite sure why Jake Gyllenhaal is a follower?

Joie said...

great post! I like the idea of a Palin/Bachmann ticket as well.
Thanks for the comment on the cartoon, I left you a response.

Mary Beth said...

Palin/Bachmann would be perfect!!!

Clifton B said...


You're welcome. I do see Palin and Bachmann playing very important roles in 2012. Even if they do not run together.

The Conservative Lady said...

When the left skewers someone, you know they fear them. Palin & Bachman are good examples. It's when the Republicans start to skewer a fellow Republican that ticks me off. Palin is a classic example. Good blog.

Clifton B said...

Mary Beth:

It could happen, it will take a major uprising from the grassroots to beat back the RINOs but it could happen!

Clifton B said...


It's when the Republicans start to skewer a fellow Republican that ticks me off.

We are 100% in agreement with that. It also appears that the RINO leadership of the GOP is doing all the attacking. We need to sweep these folks out of power like yesterday.

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