Monday, May 25, 2009

The Tale of Two Women

I just got through watching several YouTube videos of Liz Cheney speaking out on EITs and her father's speech. She is strong. Liz Cheney knows her material cold. She doesn't allow liberals to play the games of shouting her down, distorting the facts or forcing her into a box with false arguments. She doesn't back down, she doesn't apologize and she certainly doesn't do that whole wimpy defensive crouch position favored by many GOP leaders today.
Liz Cheney is another example why I believe if the base wins the battle of the GOP, women will lead the way. When I am pressed to think of strong conservatives who are out there fighting the fight, women like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Liz Cheney come to mind. In addition, when I went to the Tea Party in NYC, women dominated the crowd. Many were housewives turn activists, if you will. Even here in the blogosphere, I see many women as the strongest voices out there.

Check out Liz's strong performance in this video. She handles Cooper Anderson sternly when he strays into revisionist history. She corrects the record and doesn't let him argue from the "feeling" perspective.

Now, compare and contrast the vacuous Meghan McCain on the Rachel Maddow show. With her Valley Girl voice (believe it or not she went to Columbia) she says the Republican party is too extreme. Never mind the fact that she never defines what "extreme" is. She never offers a single word in defense of Republican policies that she agrees with. She even admits that she has no clue about economics or economic policy, yet she knows what is wrong with the party! If this is what the Republican party needs to morph into, then count me out, I will be happy to help build a new party.

I think that it is high time the GOP base says loud and clear that twits like Meghan are not Republicans. They do not speak for us, they are clueless about conservative ideals. All they know is to duck, cover and wet their pants when challenge on their positions. They are completely wrong about what the problems are facing the party.


Anonymous said...

Ms,Cheney went on TV to correct the record of order, where Ms.McCain is only seeking fame and fortune, even it comes from the left.

I see women like Palin and Bachmann playing big roles in the future of the Republican party. Mostly bringing it back to the conservative values it was founded on.

Anonymous said...

Given how John, her dad, is a RINO, it came as no shock that she's a RINO too. Republians as extream, has she seen BO and his cronies? Ah, she has eyes, but they do not see. The biggest problem is Republicans are too much to the extream towards the left. Perhaps they should call themselves the RINO party with a Rhino as their logo. As least then, they would be being honest.

Clifton B said...


Oh yeah, Meghan and her dad are blind ones. They refuse to see the damage they are doing to the party.

JMK said...

I onc believed that Meghan McCain was merely defending her Dad after his disastrous campaign, BUT now I've come to believe that she is there to put a new face on the tired old "Rockefeller-wing of the GOP, the so-called "Moderates" who've done little but undermine Conservatism, while throwing as many Conservative Republicans under the bus as is possible.

I've seen the Liz Cheney video clip and have come away with a nw found and profound respect for her willinness to stand up and fight for the principles she cherishes.

Clifton B said...


Thankfully Meghan comes off as such a complete twit, that much of her nonsense will fall on deaf ears.

Liz is a dynamo. She knows how to argue with liberals. She forces them to aruge from her perspective not theirs.

JMK said...

True enough, and it's no surprise that Meghan McCain comes off so shallow and vapid.

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