Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here comes the waste!

AP reported yesterday that a lot of these "shovel ready" projects paid for by Obama's so called Stimulus Plan, are not helping the area's with the highest job losses. Why on earth is anyone surprised? Shovel ready projects and unemployment were never tied together. A state's plans to develop roads x, y, z, were based on how soon they could be started. Never ever did the consideration of where is the highest unemployment come into the equation. So, now money is being spent willy nilly where it isn't needed.

This isn't the only area where I see Stimulus money not hitting the mark. These shovel ready projects are all construction. What about areas that have high white collar unemployment? How will construction on the Brooklyn Bridge benefit an unemployed Wall Street banker? Not to mention that most of these construction jobs are union jobs, so forget anyone who does not belong to one of them.

I always found Obama's economic recovery ideas, silly and simplistic. To me, they always sound like promises made by a class president, rather than the President of The United States. For example, Obama tells us that this vast sum of Stimulus money has to be watched over by Joe Biden (LMAO) and John Q. Public. This is BS of the first order!

How on earth are you and I suppose to identify a project that is being paid for with Stimulus money? I could not begin to tell you if a road project is being paid for out of normal state coffers or Federal Stimulus dollars. Even if I could identify the difference, how on earth can you tell if the money is being wasted or not? Did any of us get to review the contracts? Will any of us know about cost overruns before they happen? How can we tell if someone is skimming off the top?

The Obama administration set up http://www.recovery.gov/ in order for you and I to track how the money being spent. The site provides a long list of places to contact if money is being wasted through fraud or abuse. This sounds lovely on paper, but in reality, we will never know about waste, fraud or abuse until AFTER it happens. So in other words, this is the same old Washington same, now with glitzy new smoke and mirrors.

I have zero confidence in any of Obama's economic plans. I don't believe for a hot second that massive borrowing and spending will serve us well in the long run. I scoff at the idea that massive spending on education, cap and trade and universal health care will create a stable economy that is resistant to recessions. I utterly laugh when Obama made a big splash over pinching a measly $16 billion from his humongous $3.5 TRILLION budget. If common sense ever made a come back, Obama's economic ideas would be laughed right out of town and rightfully so!

So sit back people and get ready to see wasted tax dollars like you have never seen before!


Ron B said...

I agree! Waste from the day he signed the bill into law.

Shovel ready projects were already state funded.Thus the term shovel ready. So they had no bearing on stimulus money. For government money to be useful it has to go through a bid process and a bureaucrat has to review all bids then look for minority compliance then submit all bids for another bureaucrat to view and approve. Then contractor has to ask for subcontractors, get minority participation, grease the pockets of the local mobster.....Then 6 months later money is spent. Also you have to consider the process to determine where to construct roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects. There is a huge amount of bidding that has to take place. That is why I was skeptical of the term 'shovel ready projects.'

I have been saying the same thing how does a construction job benefit any white collar non union worker. But white collar people are not voters of Democrats in mass but unions are.

Only 33% of this stimulus money has even been spent. Yet during his last prime time address B-Rock claims to have created 150,000 jobs (about 3.8 million short of his promise to create or save). Van Glorious when over 650,000 new jobless claims were initiated in April. Net 500,000 out of work Americans for the month combined with the 6 million from previous months, well you get the mathematical predicament B-Rock has placed himself in.

The Griper said...

i never considered putting people on the government payroll as creating jobs in the first place. it only creates workfare. the creation of jobs needs to come in the private sector of the economy.

all public sector jobs needs the taxes of the private sector to exist.

Carolina Conservative said...

Obama's so called stimulus plan is a joke. It always was going to be. It wasn't going to stimulate anything at all. This post definitely shows that to be true.

yani said...

do you guys know the exact locations where the constructions are to happen?
i hope you can help me with this coz i need the information so badly... thanks...

Clifton B said...

Ron B:

We are only seeing the front wave of the failure that is coming regarding the Stimulus. As unemployment continues to rise (Obama cannot create government jobs faster than the private sector is shedding them) more and more people are going to start asking where is that Stimulus money.

Sadly, Obama and the Democrats' solution will be, you guessed it, another stimulus package.

Clifton B said...


Sadly that is a lesson the left has yet to learn.

Clifton B said...


This is only the begining! The more it fails, the more Obama will call for the need for another one.

Clifton B said...


Good luck with that! Recovery.gov, refers you each state's website for exactly where the projects are. I checked a few and they say how the money is being spent but do not offer any way to apply for one of those union construction jobs.

In other words, smoke and mirrors!

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