Friday, May 22, 2009

Mancow gets Waterboarded. WARNING: Graphic Photos!

The lefties are going to have a field day with this one! Mancow, a conservative radio jock from Chicago allowed himself to be waterboarded and of course freaked out after 5 seconds! He then declared waterboarding is torture!

Oh please, can we have a little perspective here? Lets apply a little common sense to waterboarding.
  1. Is Waterboarding scary? Hell yeah! Why bother using it if it wasn't?
  2. Is Waterboarding unpleasant? You betcha! It has to be!
  3. Would I allow myself to be Waterboarded? Hell no! I would scream like a bitch!
  4. Does Waterboarding kill or permanently damage you? Sorry folks, but the answer is no, no, no!

What I would like to know is, what did Mancow get to do for the rest of the day after getting waterboarded? Did he finish his radio show? Did he have a nice lunch at a fancy restaurant? Did he regale his friends with the horror tale of his ordeal over cocktails? Did he bump uglies with Mrs. Cow that night? The answer to all of these questions is; Mancow is alive and well to do anything and everything after his waterboarding, no matter how scary and unpleasant the ordeal was at the time, he is just fine now.

Now let us compare and contrast Mancow's ordeal with the unfortunate folks below. Do you think any these folks would gladly trade their plight for some good old fashion American waterboarding? 'Nuff said!


The Conservative Lady said...

"It's the feeling of drowning", says Mancow. If it was a pleasant experience, it would be useless. At least he still has his head.

Clifton B said...


At least he still has his head.

Exactly TCL! People have lost all perspective on the matter. Torture is a guesome thing. It scars you, it damages you and it kills you. Waterboarding no matter how unpleasant, doesn't do any of that. It is almost like Faux Torture, it has all drama of real torture but none of the nasty aftermath.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Damn, that was almost embarrassing to watch. I feel like someone should have had the video and especially the audio of the beheading going on in the background. Pleasant? No, I hope it's not pleasant,but he got to go home.

Clifton B said...


Yes it was a little embarrassing to watch. Mancow was a wee bit of a drama queen about it too!

Like you said he got to go home. He will live a nice long life, just like the THREE terrorists the US waterboarded. Cannot say that about the people in the photos though.

Clifton B said...


Amen to that. The whole drama scene after the 5 seconds of water told us all we need to know.

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