Sunday, September 13, 2009

2010 is going to be a blood bath for incumbents

One thing I learned from working on campaigns at a grassroots level is that when people invest their time or money on a campaign they are pretty much guaranteed to vote. The UK Mail is reporting that 2,000,000 people attended the 9-12 march on Washington. These people invested their time and money to make their voices heard. For each of the 2 million in attendance, there were millions more at home who share the same passion. Make no mistake these people will vote in 2010.

These protesters are not just angry with Obama and the Democrats pushing their socialized medicine reform. They are mad at all in Washington who refuse to hear the people’s voice, to stop the reckless spending, to read the bills they sign, quit shoving legislation down our throats and stop acting like they rule us.

Therefore anyone, Republican or Democrat, who currently occupies Congress, will find his or her job in jeopardy come 2010.

Below are images and videos that caught my eye across the web today. Enjoy them!


j summett said...

I wholeheartedly agree. 2010 will be very interesting, and hopefully refreshing for this country. We do need to restore this country.

And how about Palin/Beck 2012?

namaste said...

yes, it is. and i'm gonna love it.

and what's even more exciting is how spot on your predictions usually are. just curious, did you think obama was going to win? i didn't, i thought for sure he was going to lose. i'm still reeling from shock and disappointment.


Al Maurer said...

Were you there too? Love your header pic: I was much further up and couldn't see all those ppl behind me.

We did see a helicopter circle a couple of times: would be nice to have aerial shots of the crowd.

k6whp said...

Ya gotta love the Lisa Desjardains segment where she is drowned out by the crowd. Byt the way, your site is stunning and the composition (with the pictures, etc.) very well laid-out.

Like MacArthur, "I shall return."

Clifton B said...

j summett:

Palin/ Beck would be a stunner. You know after attending my first Tea Party in April, I had the distinct impression that a conservative 2012 candidate might come from the Tea Party. Beck would fit that bill. I think by 2010 anyone with an Ivy League law degree will be a non starter.

Clifton B said...


I think I am somewhat politically psychic, LOL. Actually I had thought Obama was going to win, until Palin came along. She brought so much energy. I think if McCain wasn't such a squish and was willing to challenge Obama like Palin does, we would have had a different President.

Unfortunately, McCain with a Democratically controlled Congress would have been awful. McCain has not ideological core, as such 2009 -2012 would have been like stepping into the unknown.

Clifton B said...

Al Maurer:

Sadly I was unable to attend the DC rally. I was over at your blog your first hand account was amazing!

Clifton B said...

BNBO @ 9:13 PM

First please forgive me for shortening your screen name so badly. I was way too lazy to look up the Russian character set.

Welcome to ABC and thanks for the kind words. Please come back again and again.

I was over at your blog, very interesting. Are you blogging from Russia? If so, you keep pretty darn abreast of US politics. Tell us more.

victoria said...

I'm worried that our so-called Conservative representation in Congress is not actually pushing for anything... conservative. It must be harder when you're so outnumbered, I understand that. But as a libertarian/classical liberal, I'm more conservative than all our Republican representatives and I was a raging liberal three months ago!

Here's hoping for the best in 2010.

Clifton B said...


You are the perfect example of why Republicans need to fear 2010 as well. People are calling for a more conservative GOP that actually follows principles of smaller government.

Look at this health care debate. Where are the Republicans to say we should not be addressing expensive health care reform now and should be bringing our debt under control first? That to me seems like the consservative point of view, to handle what you have now before taking on more debt. Instead we have Republicans talking about giving health insurance companies new regulations.

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for posting on the DC march. It was a great day.
The Republicans better start taking a hint and get back to conservative values...if not, they'll be looking for new jobs.
I believe a third party would just split the vote, so if the Repubs want to win, they will have to rekindle their conservative fire.

Clifton B said...


Actually I think there maybe a change that a third party could pull it off in 2012. If someone could capture the sentiments of the Tea Parties, they would stand a serious chance. However, we must wait and see what the GOP looks like after the 2010 elections.

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