Friday, September 18, 2009

Time Magazine gets Beck wrong. Anyone surprised?

Time Magazine was able to tear itself away from its Barack Obama obsession long enough to do a hit piece on Glenn Beck. Of course the piece is written as a battle cry for the left to pay attention to their new villain.

Basically Time’s article can be summed up as Glenn Beck is getting rich stoking America’s fears and anger. Perhaps if they actually watched Beck for a week they might have come away with a different impression.

Glenn Beck’s success lies mainly in the fact that he actually understands why so many Americans are frustrated with Washington (Democrat and Republican alike). That anger has nothing to do with a black president or fear of change. To understand why American’s are angry, one simply needs to imagine going into a restaurant and ordering an inexpensive sandwich, but instead of your order, the waiter brings you the most expensive thing on the menu and then demands that you pay for it. It is the complete disregard for your request and the arrogance that you had better pay for what you don't want that’s ticking off America.

Glenn Beck gets this. His shows try to explain why there is this disconnect between Washington and the people. Of course the answer is corruption. Special interests are being served rather than the will of the people. How else can one make sense of a $1.5 trillion dollar health care reform bill that few of us want, at a time when we can least afford it? Beck's show explains who the players are, what are their motives and who is in bed with whom.

Beck’s second reason for success is that unlike Washington today, Beck gets results. When the radical Van Jones got his old organization Color of Change to launch a boycott against Beck. Beck did not wither on the vine; instead he dug up each and every last one of Van Jones’ own radical statements and aired them for a week. Van Jones is history and Beck’s ratings are through the roof. Beck did not stop there. He used his show as a mega phone to air James O’Keefe, Hanna Giles' ACORN prostitution string. Today ACORN is reeling and Democrats are running in the opposite direction. Finally, last weekend Beck aided in bringing over 1 million frustrated Americans to Washington’s front door to vent frustrations.

In the end, the left will go after Beck, because they always need a villain. Just like when the administration went after Limbaugh earlier this year, the war on Beck will probably fail too and just like Limbaugh, Beck will probably end up with a bigger audience.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article.

Personally Beck is too emo for my tastes but how can anyone deny his immense contributions to bringing facts to the table?

I'm a staunch conservative but rarely listen to Limbaugh, and never listened to Beck. Then the left started their boycott of his advertisers and I started listening to him. Funny how that works.

Jess said...

It looks like they've turned the chihuahua loose on the pit bull. I wonder if Time magazine realizes how inconsequential their rag has become?

Anonymous said...

That was a very astute analysis, Clifton B. Very astute, indeed...

Clifton B said...

Anonymous @ 5:32 AM:

Yes Beck does get results and that is why he will remain a big draw for some time to come.

When the left goes after people like Beck and Limbaugh all they do is create new audiences for them. This is because people still want to see for themselves what all the fuss is about so they tune in. Once they tune in, they find that these guys are highly effective.

Clifton B said...


Excellent analogy. The former MSM has not realized it yet, but Beck and has pretty much sealed their fate.

Clifton B said...

Anonymous @ 10:05 AM:

Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Excellent article and right on the money .. AGAIN!! I am one of Insiders. He is just ONE reason that I do not subscribe to the 'fringe' media in any form. Thanks again for an excellent analaysis.

Ric Locke said...

What's basically happened here is that conservatives have given up on the Republican Party and started out on their own road.

For a long time, Republicans had at least a tenuous connection to conservatism -- which is odd, because the GOP was founded as a liberal party (opposing slavery and promoting what would later be called "civil rights"). In that era the Democrats were the conservatives; more properly, they were downright reactionary.

When the Great Inversion of the Sixties happened, Democrats fully internalized "Progressive" ideals and at least partly took on socialist programs as regards Government intervention. The Republican Party moved a little to the right. Olympia Snowe is correct: she didn't change, the Party did. John Kennedy could say the same if he were alive. The Republican party is not Conservative, and it never has been.

Beck is an example of conservatives choosing new leadership, now that we aren't part of the Reagan Coalition any more. And Conservatives, individually and as a group, can read Alinsky as well as anyone.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Great post Clifton. I thought the article was decent until it went into the 'getting rich off fear' stuff, it was still better than Newsweek. Thanks for the shout out too!

Clifton B said...

Fruitcake Sandy:

Yes I am a Beck fan too. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of his comedy, but the dude knows how to get things done.

I totally love the fringe media meme!

Clifton B said...

Ric Locke:

"What's basically happened here is that conservatives have given up on the Republican Party and started out on their own road."

You read my mind with this line. I have been toying around with the idea of writing a post asking do conservatives still need the Republican party?

As I watch how from January when it seemed like all hope was lost, to today where the Democrats are reeling. I realize that all that happened because of conservative grassroots not anything the Republicans did. As such, should conservatives cut ties with the GOP after 2012?

Clifton B said...

Left Coast Rebel:

I could see where Time was going as soon as I saw the cover. Stogie has really done his homework on this topic and you will see on Sunday here at ABC!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I hope they keep going after him so he can continue to expose them for the fascists they are.

Clifton B said...

The Vegas Art Guy:

You can bet they will continue to go after him, right up to the point when he causes them severe damage. Had Color of Change not started their boycott, Van Jones never would have received Beck's special attention.

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