Friday, September 25, 2009

Mary Baker will be on Glenn Beck today!

In last Saturday's FMJRA, I gave a shout out to fellow black conservative Mary Baker for getting her excellent post published at American Thinker. Well more kudos are in order.

Mary Baker will be on Glenn Beck today for his show on American Moms.

This Friday, "The Glenn Beck Show" will be airing a special studio audience segment of the 9/12 project which will showcase the concerns that moms across America have about the future of America. The show will be airing at 5 pm Eastern Time on the Foxnews channel. I have been privileged to be amongst the many wonderful women who will be sharing their concerns with other Americans. Although women will be speaking, men may hold these very same concerns. I hope that all will tune in for this special segment. Glenn Becks 9 Principles and 12 values are those that we as American's have lost over the past 3 decades. I will be joined by my new special blogger on I am looking forward to seeing what is on the minds of other mothers across this country. Here is a list of Glenn Becks 9/12 principles and values.

Show your support and tune in 5:00 EST on Fox!


Soloman said...

I dropped by Mary's blog earlier and told her to enjoy, and that since I DVR every show I'd be watching for her.

How very cool that Beck makes such an effort to be in touch with and in tune with us "everyday folks" with these specials once in a while.

Clifton B said...


How very cool that Beck makes such an effort to be in touch with and in tune with us "everyday folks" with these specials once in a while.

This is one of Beck's greatest appeals and it is also why the left must destroy him. Just like Sarah Palin, people recognize one of their own.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Thank you for alerting us.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is really cool that Beck is speaking with people who participated in the 9/12 events. The left feels that all of these people are just plants; people paid to participate at these events by insurance companies and the GOP. I can't wait for Mary to tell everyone she came of her own accord and wasn't paid a dime.

Stogie said...

How fantastic for Mary! Blogging CAN lead to some very cool things. I will definitely watch that and, I hope, we can get a YouTube video of the event.

Clifton B said...

Aunt Amelia:

Glad to help out another black conservative!

Clifton B said...


I cannot wait to see Mary Baker either! It is beyond refreshing to see blacks who are not steeped in leftist dogma!

Clifton B said...


Thank you so much for posting this and the video on your blog! It means a lot to put out another voice for black Americans.

Sally said...

Thank you! Your appearance on the Glen Beck show warmed my heart. We come together, because of our liberty. The Liberty that can never be removed by any government or man.
A built in liberty thinking is instant love. I love you, because He loved us first. AND, you are so right on.

wwrech said...

great job

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