Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Levi Johnston wants Tank Jones to see him naked

At 3:29 in the video above, Levi Johnston and his “manager” Tank Jones have a rather weird conversation about posing for Playgirl magazine. It appears Levi wants his buddy Tank there when he peddles his flesh. Usually losers like Levi milk the reality TV circuit for all it is worth before succumbing to doing porn. Looks like Levi or “Ricky Hollywood" (how’s that for a porn name) is going straight to porn.

In other news, Levi lied his ass off to Vanity Fair about his time at the Palin’s. Hey Levi, any chance you could part with some of your Vanity Fair sheckles to buy your kid some diapers?

Via: Memeorandum

Via: Vanity Fair

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H/T: Conservatives4Palin


The Conservative Lady said...

This video disturbed me. I read the article and all of the lies Levi told about the Palins. Levi is a misguided opportunist who is willing to sell his soul for money and fame, while all the while he is being made a fool of. Bristol is lucky this jerk didn't marry her. I just hope he does right by the child. Imagine, that baby is going to grow up and find out what a creep his father turned out to be.

Clifton B said...


Levi is an extremely stupid and short sighted creep. With Palin set to make millions on speaking fees and her book, I wonder if Levi realizes that had he married Bristol, he would have been the only son in law of a very wealth woman. Far wealthier than he will be trashing her. Karma is a wonderful thing.

Kelsey said...

He clealy enjoys being doted on and all the attention. Poor sucker.

Clifton B said...


Sucker is right. The left will use him and then discard him as soon as he is no longer effective. That would be in 4..3..2..1

Anonymous said...

Poor misguided and misinformed Levi Johnston. Obviously Mr Johnston is under the impression that Playgirl Mag is for women.
It is of course viewed primarily by gay men. I wonder how he feels knbowing that he will be the object of affection for gay men all over America?

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