Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Indoctrination: Get them while they’re young

On September 8. Obama is going to make a special address to all public school students.

In a recent interview with student reporter , Damon Weaver, President Obama announced that on September 8 - the first day of school for many children across America - he will deliver a national address directly to students on the importance of education. The President will challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning. He will also call for a shared responsibility and commitment on the part of students, parents and educators to ensure that every child in every school receives the best education possible so they can compete in the global economy for good jobs and live rewarding and productive lives as American citizens.
Since taking office, the President has repeatedly focused on education, even as the country faces two wars, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and major challenges on issues like energy and health care. The President believes that education is a critical part of building a new foundation for the American economy. Educated people are more active civically and better informed on issues affecting their lives, their families and their futures.
This is the first time an American president has spoken directly to the nation's school children about persisting and succeeding in school. We encourage you to use this historic moment to help your students get focused and begin the school year strong. I encourage you, your teachers, and students to join me in watching the President deliver this address on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. It will be broadcast live on the White House website at 1:00 p.m. eastern standard time.
In advance of this address, we would like to share the following
resources: a menu of classroom activities for students in grades preK-6 and for students in grades 7-12 . These are ideas developed by and for teachers to help engage students and stimulate discussion on the importance of education in their lives. We are also staging a student video contest on education. Details of the video contest will be available on our website in the coming weeks.
On behalf of all Americans, I want to thank our educators who do
society's most important work by preparing our children for work and for life. No other task is more critical to our economic future and our social progress. I look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead to continue improving the quality of public education we provide all of our children.
To say I am not that comfortable with this is an understatement. If I had children in public school, they would have a hooky day on September 8. If Obama wanted to address all the children across America why didn’t he just have yet another television address, where the children could watch at home with their parents? Instead, this is being done in public schools away from any parental supervision and under the influence and control of over zealous left leaning public school teachers.
Michelle Malkin provides an excellent example of the kind of over zealous left leaning public school teachers I am talking about. Here is the example Michelle Malkin provided:
The video that immediately jumped to my mind when I heard that Obama would address the public schools was this one:
Remember this little piece of propaganda? This video kind of has a whole new feel to it today, doesn’t it? I think, September 8 would be an excellent day to take your children on a field trip to a museum or library to learn about the Constitution.
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namaste said...

i am so glad my children are in college. this future address on 9/8 sickens me.

Anonymous said...

As a public school teacher, I can tell you this was not well thought out. Very few schools have the appropriate connections to even be able to stream this, and the White House website will collapse if every classroom in the US attempts to log on.

@eloh said...

Anyone know a liberal that "Homeschools"...nope.

He'll be coming after the homeschoolers soon, very soon.

Soloman said...

Good stuff, Clifton..

I had almost forgotten about that "Sing for Change" video from the primary season.

This administration.. day, after day, after day... it seems the shock value wears off just a bit, and then we learn something more outlandish or they pull a stunt like this propaganda day.

Clifton B said...


I am grateful I have no children in public school either. It would not have been too bad had he just made the speech, but those included lessons, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for that bit of inside info!

Clifton B said...


I think if they try to mess around with homeschooling, they will get WWIII.

Clifton B said...


I remember the early days of this administration. I felt that I was getting body blows everyday from all the overreaches.

j summett said...

It is getting to the point where my head just wants to explode from the overload!

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