Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN Prostitution Scandal: The New York Edition

Well what do you know, another city and another ACORN office knowledgeable in gaming the system. This time the sting opperation takes place in Brooklyn, New York. At this point it is impossible to say that these are just random employees going off the reservation. Someone clearly trained all these ACORN employees on the finer points of mortgage fraud.

Is it any wonder there was a sub prime meltdown. How many bogus loans did ACORN have a hand in? Why are Democrats so eager to give ACORN access to $8.5 billion in stimulus funds?

Oh and by the way, ONE newspaper has finally stated Obama’s associations with ACORN, the UK Telegraph. You can read the story here. It is a pity that Americans have to get the truth from a British newspaper.

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j summett said...

Thank goodness for James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. They are doing the job that the major "news" networks refuse to do. Where was "60 Minutes", or even "Dateline NBC"? I thought this deep, investigative reporting was their forte?

I guess this particular story does not fit in with their agenda.

jodetoad said...

This story is so amazing. Part of the message is that valuable information is available for those with the gumption to ferret it out.

I hope it is the beginning of a wave of new journalists, who realize their responsibility to the public. We have been tragically let down by the legacy media (to put it mildly).

Jenny said...

I understand there are about 48 hours of tape. Only 45 hours to go.

Anonymous said...

Here, where it's clearly ACORN is training these people to commit tax and mortgage fraud because they're all toting the same darn script. Nearly verbatim and all the likes of 60 minutes can do is ask BO about health care and get the same tired response from him: it's the republicans that want me and America to fail (uh, perhaps you can't do math stupid, but you have the votes without them). The republicans want the old people to die, people to be poor, out in the streets, etc ad nausea but not one question about ACORN and the stimulus money. No wonder nobody has any trust in the media anymore.

Unknown said...

Hopefully this is enough of an affront to ACORN to go after Fox News as they have threatened. That will give Fox access to much of their information.

Steve Burri said...

Coming soon to your town!

(I hate to say it, but I worked for an ACORN affiliate back in the late 70's in Atlanta. Ted Turner was known as a generous giver.)

Clifton B said...

j summett:

It is pretty amazing that launched last week and already they have the story of the year. Says a lot about the MSM.

Clifton B said...


I think you are on to something Jodetoad. There are tons of bloggers out there who might as well be professional journalist. Perhaps these videos will inspire them to make the jump.

Clifton B said...


Glenn Beck said tomorrow they are going to release the mother of all ACORN videos, I can hardly wait!

Clifton B said...


These sting operations against ACORN are showing up the MSM big time. MSM is going to have to make a choice, get ahead of the new wave of reporters or watch the last of their audience flee for Fox and the Internet.

Clifton B said...


ACORN's threat to sue Fox is a paper tiger if ever. The discovery process of a lawsuit is like kryptonite to ACORN.

Clifton B said...

Steve Burri:

You worked for an ACORN affiliate back in the day? You know you are going to have to write a post about that one. I'm waiting.

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