Tuesday, September 8, 2009

23 Democrats to vote NO on ObamaCare

The shock and awe of the summer Town Halls seems to be paying off. Below is a list of the 23 blue dog Democrats who have told their constituents they will vote NO on ObamaCare. If all the House Republicans act like Republicans and vote no, then we will still need 16 more Democrats to see the light in order to defeat this monstrosity. Perhaps the big march on Washington on September 12th might do the trick.

Democrats voting no on ObamaCare

John Adler (N.J.)
Jason Altmire (Pa.)
John Barrow (Ga.)
Dan Boren (Okla.)
Rick Boucher (Va.)
Allen Boyd (Fla.)
Bobby Bright (Ala.)
Travis Childers (Miss.)
Jim Costa (Calif.)
Henry Cuellar (Texas)
Parker Griffith (Ala.)
Frank Kratovil (Md.)
Betsy Markey (Colo.)
Eric Massa (N.Y.)
Jim Matheson (Utah)
Charlie Melancon (La.)
Walt Minnick (Idaho)
Tom Perriello (Va.)
Earl Pomeroy (N.D.)
Heath Shuler (N.C.)
Bart Stupak (Mich.)
John Tanner (Tenn.)
Gene Taylor (Miss.)

Via: Memeorandum

Via: The Hill


Rational Natin USA said...

Thanks from an independent conservative for this very informative post.

It gives hope that rationality and common sense can prevail in the country that was built on common sense.

Keep up your great work.

Rational Nation USA

Clifton B said...


You're quite welcome. Lets hope this is a sign of things to come.

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