Friday, September 18, 2009

Leno lampoons ACORN

ACORN is going to need more than just a silly little make over. When the late night comics start lampooning ACORN the jig is up. O’Keefe and Giles' videos have now gone mainstream and the idea that ACORN is a corrupt organization is now starting to take hold in the collective minds of Americans.

Democrats are going to have to completely throw ACORN under the bus. The risk of getting caught associated with ACORN or its affiliates will be too great. Bye-bye ACORN!


Meadow said...

Too funny and your assessment is spot on, Clifford.

I have to applaud Leno for the ACORN hit piece. I wonder if the twits-at-the-top have sent him a memo yet?

Anonymous said...

You know you're in trouble when Leno does ACORN, but here in PA the Dems still support ACORN and their many manifestations. My Senator (Casey) goes so far to deny they have ever received federal funding. The legislature (PA still without a budget)won't even deny or suspend PA funding to the group. It is beyond disturbing and disgusting.

Bj said...

Hope this makes your day - it did mine. :)

Weird thing to report - when I had to type the letters it said "hatedl"

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

How sweet it is... After all those years of Republicans being joke fodder... Wonder how funny the Democrats think it is, now????????


Anonymous said...

When ACORN is parodied on Leno, then that means that ACORN's nut is really cracked. Bertha Lewis's out here whining about suing fox & the film makers. I wonder if she's gonna sue Leno.

Does anyone know if Sat. Nite Live (SNL) will do a skit on ACORN? And if so, I wonder who's gonna play the part of Bertha?

Clifton B said...


Yes, I was surprised that Leno did an ACORN joke. I guess now that the late night comics are lampooning ACORN, Democrats won't go near it.

Clifton B said...


That is sick. However, things have changed. No longer do we have to sit back and lament. Start talking to your friends and neighbors. Find like minds and then start a petition. Make signs and picket his office. e.g. "Senator Casey supports child prostitution through ACORN!"

Let them know you know and you are willing to take action. It is all about conservative activism now.

Clifton B said...


That is good news. How did the ACLU get involved in the first place?

PS I have gotten some very weird words on that verification too.

Clifton B said...

Aunt Amelia:

You just know it chaps them! Liberals love to dish it out but Lord, they sure cannot take it.

Clifton B said...


You are right we have to keep a look out for SNL this week. They are on NBC so it will be interesting to see if they go there.

Also how come Wade Rathke doesn't pop out to defend ACORN, instead they send out Bertha Lewis (a black woman) to defend the indefensible?
ACORN again uses blacks to do their dirty work.

arlenearmy said...

Wade Rathke & his brother packed up & left ACORN when they saw the hammer dropping. Bertha's been hand picked to take the fall & she's too stupid to see it. And look at her now... hanging in the wind. Stupid is as stupid does.

She's was all over the liberal news pointing finger at Foxnews & the film makers, hollering about she's gonna sue. So Chris Wallace of foxnews reached out to her to be on fox tomorrow. No doubt she will act a damn fool cause she can't help herself.

But anyways, she's showing her stupidity by having dinner w/foxnews' Chris Wallace AFTER she publicly announced she was gonna sue them. What is that woman thinking? I bet she don't even have a lawyer. She might wind up going to prison over this ACORN mess.

Anonymous said...

SNL comes on in 10 minutes.

Average American said...

Jon Stewart on the Comedy Channel whacked them, but mostly whacked the msm, when he said even as just a FAKE reporter, he was embarrassed to have been scooped by those two kids!

Clifton B said...


Once again ACORN uses blacks. Bertha is sent out to defend the indefensible. Notice that white guy who was on Beck only spoke out when the first video appear. Once the pattern was set, they trotted out Bertha.

You are right, I bet she has no lawyer and if forced to wing the whole thing. She will be made a fool of while the white Rathke brothers hide out. Despicable!

Clifton B said...

Average American:

Jon Steward may have announced the official fall of the group formerly known as the MSM.

Chris W said...

Once you become fodder for the late night crowd you are done.

And any surprise Bertha plays the race card?
"We are their Willy [sic] Horton for 2009. We are the boogeyman for the right-wing and its echo chambers."

If she had any brains she'd shut her mouth and get out of Dodge as quickly as possible.

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